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Cardano Based Verlux NFT Sold Out Over 80% Of Its Allotted Seed Sale Tokens

More than 80 percent of the seed sales for Verlux, a Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace based on Cardano, have been filled as of December 9, 2021. $250 Million tokens allotted for the Seed Sale of the highly embraced project have already been sold, paving the way for a substantial NFT marketplace on the Cardano ecosystem.

Cardano’s conventional NFT marketplaces use a sign-up or login panel, whereas Verlux intends to integrate a more decentralized approach by employing the link wallet functionality.

It is possible for digital producers, meme-makers, and artists to mint their digital works into Non-fungible tokens that are authenticated on the blockchain rapidly and straightforwardly using the Verlux NFT marketplace.

$VLX Token 

To operate the Verlux NFT marketplace, the Cardano blockchains native utility token $VLX will be used. One billion $VLX tokens are in circulation. They will be used in various ways on the platform, including for NFT listings, Stake To Earn and Featured NFT Drops, and Creator Profile verifications. The Token will also be used for governance allowing token holders to vote on advancements that should be incorporated on the platform.

To guarantee a fair distribution of tokens to early adopters while at the same time assuring optimum decentralization, VLX’s token distribution was designed. Moreover, there will be no more than 4% of the total quantity of $VLX tokens in any one Address.

For $VLX token holders, the Staking option will be available, which will let investors earn up to 8 percent in $VLX tokens every year from their tokens.

How To Buy $VLX Token

Moreover, the VLX Token Seed Sale is now taking place and may be purchased by accessing the $VLX token sale page.

The initial offering precedes the pre-sale and the exchange listing. Token Allocation is set at 25 percent (250,000,000), and the price is set at 1 ADA for 555 VLX.

Here’s The Link To Buy VLX Token

Future Expansion Plans

A few blockchain marketplaces exist on Cardano, but Verlux has already published its UI Design and has started working on the user flow and marketplace structure.

A fully operating interoperable NFT marketplace will debut on the Cardano ecosystem around Quarter 1 of 2022, according to Verlux. Funds Raised through $VLX token sales will be used in the project’s growth.

To acquire a favorite collectible, investors won’t need an email address or password using Verlux on Cardano; all they’ll need is a wallet.

About Verlux

Verlux aims to create a decentralized marketplace where users can quickly advertise their NFTs by connecting a Cardano online wallet like Nami or Gero, clicking on Mint NFT, and filling out a short form.

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 Company Name: Verlux

Contact Name: Mathias Grunther


Location: Walsall, West Midlands, UK


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