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Cardano based project, Starboundpad Launches the IDO Launchpad for the future of Metaverse IDO Launches

Starboundpad $STAR Token Private Sale will kick off by Monday 2nd May 2022 by 12am CET, visit to join private sale.

Starboundpad team is happy to announce the IDO Launchpad. Led by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals, the platform will build on the shoulders of giants, leveraging several DeFi innovations to provide transparency, efficiency, and full decentralization, while allowing users to save on gas fees.

After the launch of smart contract support on Cardanos blockchain in the third quarter of 2021, it can be said that Cardanos DeFi ecosystem is still in its infantry stage. will be uniquely positioned to become the go-to place for cryptocurrency users looking to invest in crowdfunding events. is going to host both utility and security token projects on the ADA blockchain. is collaborating with start-up incubators and accelerator hubs and keeping an eye on its partner and community networks. The end goal is to identify and contact new companies with the highest upside potential within the Cardano Ecosystem once due diligence is performed.

The IDO Launchpad will offer full Cardano native token support, allowing you to become one of the early birds within the Cardano ecosystem. Starboundpad aims to ensure the user has access to the best projects at the earliest stage possible, allowing for higher potential rewards with access to seed and pre-sale investment rounds.

Additionally, their IDO Launchpad will provide a series of novelty features that will enhance both the project and community experience within the platform, including project endorsements for users which will help them generate additional income, private and public sale options to facilitate different crowdfunding stages, and automated fund distribution, ensuring all parties involved can access the capital raised and tokens distributed instantaneously and in a transparent manner.

The Insurance Treasury feature ensures that each project that launches through their platform will contribute to their insurance treasury, providing donors in our community a sense of financial protection against potential project failure.

Moreover, there are Token Vouchers for projects choosing to launch directly to various blockchains, IDO Launchpad provides users with ERC-20 TokenVouchers. For projects destined for Cardano, tokens will then be exchanged 1:1 on Mainnet deployment. Their Auto-Lock Liquidity feature will be an optional feature for developers. This ensures a trustless transition from raise to market.

Notwithstanding, grants access to a set of valuable services provided through our Accelerator Program, including: Token Engineering, Security Audits, Graphical, Web3, Social Media, and Branding support.

In order to reward the community, a 2.5% fee of the funds raised by IDOs will be charged by the platform, with the remaining 92.5% of the funds going to the startups at hand. 5% of these fees will be distributed as the endorsement rewards mentioned above and the remaining 2.5% will be kept as a platform commission fee.

The $STAR token

Based on the Cardano blockchain, the token ($STAR) will allow holders to endorse any of the new projects that are live on their Launchpad. Users will be able to invest with Cardano (ADA), and in the future additional coins like Ethereum (ETH) and BNB will be added, together with stablecoins.

The Project Endorsement Rewards system is something that the team is very proud of. $STAR token holders are eligible to receive an equivalent stake of the endorsement reward. Rewards are paid out after each investment transaction that the project receives.


Founded by a team of DeFi and traditional finance professionals, is the first Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) launchpad and project accelerator to take full advantage of the Cardano (ADA) ecosystem. $STAR supports projects launched on the Cardano blockchain and offers full support for Cardano native tokens.

They focus heavily on the decentralization ethos that is so tightly upheld by the majority of the cryptocurrency community, ensuring that the funds raised on our platform are directly sent to the project founders and that the tokens generated are distributed to holders in the same fashion.

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