Car Technologies Capable Of Saving Lives

When it comes to car accidents, the truth is most collisions are caused by some sort of human error. There are literally millions of accidents happening in the US every single year so it is normal to see manufacturers invest heavily in the development of safety technologies. Fortunately, we are already looking at several important car technologies that are more than capable of saving lives. The really interesting ones are presented below based on the research of a Washington DC spinal injury law firm.

Forward Collision Systems

One of the main reasons why car accidents happen is driver distraction. This can happen because of several actions, including:

  • Texting during driving
  • Adjusting the controls of the radio
  • Talking on a phone
  • Checking a GPS device

Rear-end crashes are very common after behaviors like the ones highlighted above. With the use of forward collision systems, the distance between vehicles is automatically calculated. If you get too close to someone, you receive an alert and the system can actually automatically reduce vehicle speed.

Lane Departure Technology

A drowsy or distracted driver can end up causing a collision when they do not stay in lane. With lane departure technology, there is a higher possibility of avoiding such accidents. There are two versions available right now. They work in different ways:

  • One offers audible warnings when departing travel lane.
  • One makes steering modifications so the vehicle is gently put back in lane.

Onboard computers and cameras detect proper travel lane and take control to steer the car when needed.

Blind Spot Detection

When you do not carefully monitor the other cars on the road, when you decide to change lanes, you might end up causing an accident. This is because you do not notice the vehicles in your blind spot.

With the use of blind spot detection, audible warnings are issued whenever there is a vehicle present in the blind spot. There is also the possibility that a light announces the driver of the same thing when checking the side view mirror.

Backup Cameras

These are very useful when it comes to noticing vehicles, bicycle riders, and pedestrians as you have your car in reverse. Whenever you shift into reverse, the camera activates. You see the view onboard and can easily notice if there are dangers present.

Cross-Traffic Alerts

These are often combined with backup cameras. They give audible warnings when pedestrians or other vehicles are detected to approach from the rear or the side as the car is put into reverse. Side view mirror lights start flashing and indicate the cross-traffic.

Autonomous Cruise Control

With cruise control, you can set the speed of your car and it remains the same. With autonomous cruise control, the system automatically maintains safe distances between your vehicle and those in front. This is done by simply slowing down your car when it ends up too close to the one in front.

Driver Monitoring Systems

Last but not least, technology can now help monitor drivers. Computers are used to analyze driving patterns and are capable to detect when drivers fall asleep or are drowsy. The driver is alerted so they can pull over.

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