Car Roadworthy Certificates for Second-Hand Cars – What does it Cover?


A plethora of documents must be supplied when buying a second-hand car in Australia. The roadworthy certificate is one of the most important for determining whether you should purchase the vehicle. This roadworthy certification states that the car is safe to operate and is essential while selling any used vehicle.

The Automobile Association (AA) issues roadworthy certificates, and each works differently. So, first, you need to know what it covers. Then, before buying any second-hand vehicle, you need to understand what a roadworthy certificate is and whether it is necessary before purchasing a used car.

  • Roadworthy Certificate for Used Cars

The Brisbane office of different services issues roadworthy certificates, one of the essential documents to assess the condition of a used car. These certificates cover details about the overall mechanical condition of the vehicle. It also covers inspections and repairs that need to be done or have been done on a car.

To ensure your second-hand car is roadworthy, various checks must be done to obtain its roadworthy certificate. You will first have to get a detailed inspection from a licensed mechanic, who can tell you if your vehicle has any major issues or faults.

  • What does a Roadworthy Certificate Cover?

The road worthiness certificate will indicate that the car has been inspected and that no defects have been identified. The roadworthy certificate for used cars in Australia covers many things, including:

  • Most of the time, a vehicle is required to undergo a test drive around the inspection area, where officials look at whether or not it is in an OK condition to be driven on public roads.
  • Mechanical fitness and registration/documentation of the vehicle to be driven on the road
  • It also states if the vehicle can carry a load up to a maximum mass. This is done by checking if there are any load limiter features on the car or any ability to pull a trailer.
  • It will tell whether any safety features are fitted on the car, like seat belts, lights, and indicators, as well as other essential hardware features like airbags.

Additionally, suppose you are buying an imported car that needs to be registered in Australia. In that case, the AA will check if there is proof of origin and that it has been imported legally into the country.

  • Is It Essential to Get RWC for Selling Used Car?

You must possess a valid roadworthy certificate before selling any used vehicle in Australia. This is because the government has made it mandatory for any used car dealer to maintain a roadworthy certification for the vehicle. However, there are some cases where you will not be required to get a roadworthy certificate. It is not necessary if:

  • You are selling your car
  • If it is being sold as scrap or junk
  • When its sale involves less than 1000 dollars

To obtain the RWC, you need to find a licensed mechanic to inspect. And certify that your vehicle is safe and fit to operate on public roads. Additionally, the mechanics will check various mechanical components and verify whether a professional has repaired your car.

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