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Car rental in Kyiv: everything you need to know about car rental


It is hard to argue with the fact that it is most comfortable to move around the city by car.

Renting a car in Kyiv gives freedom and independence that neither public transport nor taxis can provide.

The Car Rent UA company has been providing rental cars of various classes for moving around Ukraine and even for trips abroad for many years. Anyone can also use car rental services in Kyiv and see for themselves how convenient it is.

Renting a car in Kyiv: what a driver needs to know

In fact, the Car Rent UA company does not make any special demands on its customers.

There are only age restrictions – at least 21 years old, and the presence of driving experience – from 2 years.

Of course, the client must have documents – a passport and a driver’s license.

This is the end of the company’s requirements. Thus, almost every driver can rent a car in Kyiv for personal use.

The process of issuing a lease (signing a contract) is very fast. If the client applies for the first time, then up to an hour or two, and if the information about the driver is already in the Car Rent UA database, then up to 30 minutes.

In this matter, the most difficult thing for the client is to decide on the make and model of the car for rent, because the company’s car fleet features the newest and most popular cars, moreover, at a rather nice price!

Features of car rental

It will be useful for drivers to keep in mind the following information about the rental conditions at Car Rent UA.

  1. The rental limit per day is 300 km. Of course, if we are talking about going abroad with a rented car, then in this case other rental conditions are discussed.
  2. Cars have CASCO insurance, so in case of any unforeseen situation, you can not worry. You need to call the manager, and all questions about insurance will be resolved through the company.
  3. The cars available for rent are technically sound, clean (after a professional car wash) and refueled (or have a full battery charge in the case of electric cars). Therefore, the client can immediately drive the rented car to solve his problems, and not waste time on its maintenance.
  4. Car Rent UA expects that the car will be returned by the lessee in the same condition (clean, with a full tank, without damage) in which it was rented. If the client is unable to visit a car wash and gas station, this issue can be resolved by paying for these services to the company manager.
  5. If suddenly the client likes the rented car so much that he does not want to part with it, then you can always draw up a lease agreement with the right to buy it back. This option is a convenient and quick way to become the owner of a vehicle without a particular financial burden.

Also, the client can choose whether to rent a car without a deposit or with a deposit. However, it is still more profitable to make a deposit, the amount of which is quite acceptable for each driver.

As for the rental period, you can rent a car from 1 day, to several months or even years.

Long-term car rental involves a much lower price per day, and this service is often used by companies and other organizations of Kyiv to solve their work tasks.

What are the advantages of renting a car?

The advantage of car rental over public transport is obvious – there is no need to adjust your affairs to the bus schedule, a much higher level of comfort and personal safety.

As for taxis, if you need constant trips around the city, renting a car is much more profitable. In addition, the feeling of personal freedom and the ability to manage one’s time freely remains unchanged.

And even before buying a car, renting has its advantages. After all, rental relieves the driver of all worries related to maintenance (insurance, technical inspection, repairs), and also allows you to change the car depending on your needs.

You can choose a car and reserve it for rent on the Car Rent UA website! Subscribe to the company’s Instagram page and follow the latest news! Choose “your” car and enjoy every trip in your favorite city!



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