Car Accident Claims: 7 Signs of a Competent Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Claims

Car accidents are stressful times. You’ll deal with car repairs, medical concerns, and insurance claims. Trying to take care of all these details can exacerbate the headache of the initial wreck.

There’s no reason to handle this on your own. Hire a car accident lawyer who’s familiar with local laws so they can navigate the paperwork for you. Knowing you’re in the hands of a competent car accident lawyer makes it easier to recuperate after your wreck.

7 Signs of a Competent Car Accident Lawyer

Many lawyers have specialties, so you want to find a lawyer who can handle car accidents. These professionals know how to manage insurance companies and can represent you in court if necessary. Consider these seven criteria as you search for the right attorney for your needs.

They Have Experience

The right car accident lawyer has experience handling similar cases in the past. They understand the state and local laws and can work with the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve. You can learn about their experience by asking for their settlement and verdict records to understand their previous cases.

They Are Fully Informed

Going beyond your lawyer’s experience is their knowledge of your particular case. They know what to find out about the accident so they can prove fault. A competent car accident lawyer will ask questions to discover if a mechanic recently worked on the vehicle, which can impact liability. They’ll also find out if the other driver was sleepy or impaired to prove carelessness.

They Assess Your Medical Records

You should seek medical care as soon as you leave the accident site. You might feel fine, but some injuries take some time to appear. The best car accident lawyers will pull your medical records to see how the wreck negatively impacted your health. Showing the results of the accident can help you get the payout you deserve.

They Can Handle the Insurance Company

Insurance companies try to minimize accident claims in any way possible. They might try to deny a claim by arguing about their client being at fault. Some companies offer a low settlement in hopes the victim wants to resolve the issue quickly, even if they don’t get the outcome they deserve.

The right car accident lawyer knows these tricks and can handle them for you. You won’t have to deal with an insurance company giving you the runaround because your lawyer will navigate that aspect.

They Know When To Settle and When to Fight

With that in mind, some insurance companies offer decent settlements. A competent car accident lawyer knows what amount will cover your medical bills, car repair expenses, and other financial repercussions. Instead of prolonging the stress, they’ll advise you to take the payment.

However, they also know when a settlement won’t cover your costs. The lawyer will prove your case to show the insurance company what you’ve been through and what compensation you deserve.

They Have Compassion

You want a lawyer who is tough in the courtroom and with insurance companies, but you also want someone with compassion. If the attorney doesn’t seem to care about you, they most likely don’t care about your case. They’ll want to win but won’t care what the cost is to you personally. Choosing a compassionate lawyer means they’re fighting for you above all.

They Work Efficiently and Communicate

The best car accident lawyers work efficiently and communicate with you along the way. They know dragging out a case will negatively impact your emotional well-being and cause unnecessary stress. They explore every option without overlooking crucial information to get a favorable resolution.


If you’ve been in a car accident, you must find a competent lawyer to help you. Fighting this legal battle on your own will cause a lot of stress, so hire a professional. They’ll work hard for you, represent you in court, and get the compensation you deserve.

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