Capitrade Ventures: Completes a Successful Global CDE Token Private Sale With Massive Participation

Capitrade Ventures: Completes a Successful Global CDE Token Private Sale With Massive Participation

Capitrade Venture stated today that a 20 million USD private token sale of CDE tokens to venture capitalists/private investors had been completed. Capitrade Ventures intends to be the first completed cross-chain Launchpad in 2022, having sold out of its CDE tokens in less than 24 hours, making it the most anticipated cross-chain Launchpad to date.

Several industry leaders, as well as the general public, support Capitrade. This was accomplished by Dr. Eric Scott James, the company’s founder and CEO, his team, and advisory board.

Capitrade Sales Manager Newman Stewart said,

We are very enthusiastic in looking forward to having people who truly believe in, support us and joining our team…Not just completing one project, but collectively bringing our ideas to life.

Some of its most prominent investors/Venture Capitalist includes:

  • Veseris LLC: Investor in specialized crypto sectors.
  • Dream queen nail salon: Services in developments of manicure and beauty care and functioning as a startup incubator.
  • A&A Designs LLC: A DeFi and digital asset multi-hedge fund and venture capital organization.
  • Vision with Quality LLC: A global early-stage venture firm promoting innovative blockchain startups.
  • Midwest Medical: An American insurance company.
  • Solutions LLC: Develops back-end technologies and infrastructure for PoS blockchains.
  • Christopher Steib Inc: A US-based blockchain infrastructure and crypto staking service provider.
  • Pham Nail Ventures: A US-based beauty, spa, and cosmetics firm.
  • Newnad: Incubator for early-stage startups and medical and domestic product sales.
  • Khamlopez: Property management and real estate expert.
  • Dextera Real Estate: Extensive experience in property management and project acceleration.
  • Extensive experience in property management and project acceleration.
  • MOMO TRAFFIC BAKERY LLC: Based in Boston, offers executive baking services.

Capitrade has created multiple Launchpads on the Terra ecosystem to help investors locate IDO and Pre-sale listings, as well as extensive statistics and comparison tools. $CDE Token is built on Terra Blockchain and acts as a utility token. It empowers the subscription token and the Capitrade Ventures Launchpad. Only the Capitrade token sale website sells CDE Tokens.


Token holders will be able to see pre-Token sale’s Policy ID, Team DOX Status / KYC, and total supply project description. Token Pre-sales from various Launchpads. They can hold the native utility token $CDE to unlock Capitrade Pro and all its great features. Holders of $CDE tokens may generate passive revenue by staking their tokens. Witness and participate in outstanding IDO Projects. Capitrade offers different levels of services to access the IDO analytical tools, with the most comprehensive IDO analytics capabilities accessible solely for $CDE token holders. These features are only available to CDE holders with a specified minimum balance of $CDE.

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