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Capital Circle Group review: All the Pros & Cons That I Found: My Honest Review!

Capital Circle Group review

With over 7 years of experience as a forex trader, I know what it takes to find an excellent broker. After trading with many different brokers and learning their Pros & Cons, Capital Circle Group is one on the list that caught my eye because they offer great features at low fees!

For starters- If you are new or just starting out in this industry, there will probably be some things here that may surprise even experienced traders like myself (like how withdrawals can take up less time).

However, everything else seemed straightforward once I got through those initial concerns. In my Capital Circle Group review, I will share what I have found to be Capital Circle Groups’ strengths and weaknesses, but before we get started, let me go over some of the key things Capital Circle Group offers.

Capital Circle Group review- Capital Circle Groups Portfolio Overview

When starting out in this industry, you need a broker with all the necessary features for any successful trader.

So- Capital Circle Group has over 250+ trading instruments, including stocks, currencies, and indices for you to trade on with features such as Capital Circle Groups Portfolio Overview (which is a free add-on that this platform offers. This allows you to monitor your entire Capital Circle Group portfolio in one place) and Capital Circle Groups Economic Calendar (which offers you access to Economic News Calendar which is updated daily with the latest economic news events).

They also offer Capital Circle Group’s Multi-Asset Trading (select any two of Capital Circle Group’s trading instruments like Stocks, currencies, and indices), which means they give you the flexibility to combine over 250+ trading opportunities in any Capital Circle Group portfolio that you desire for Capital Circle Groups Multi-Asset Trading and Capital Circle Groups Forex Capital Markets (where they give you access to trade an extensive list of Forex pairs).

Capital Circle Group review: Pros, Cons


Low Minimum Deposit: The minimum deposit for Capital Circle Group is 250 Euros which makes Capital Circle Group great for both beginner traders and those that do not have a lot of money to invest.

Free trading platform: When I am trading Forex, I like to use MT4, and in doing so, Capital Circle Group review has found out that they offer a free download.

Accurate trading signals – I recently decided to give their signals a try and was pleasantly surprised with how accurate they were! There is no Capital Circle Group software to download, which is good because you only need to visit the website, which is user-friendly and has accurate trading signals.


For the Capital Circle Group review, I did not find many cons, which is why they are on my list of recommended brokers for anyone that wants to get into the basics of the industry.

Now I want to review some major factors the traders should always check out on any trading platform:

What is the Trading platform like?

In my Capital Circle Group review, I want to make sure I cover all points included in any customer’s review.

The Capital Circle Group trading platform is good for beginners and pro traders alike. It has a simple-to-use interface, which helps when you are still learning how to trade. Still, it also offers many features that pro traders will appreciate, such as what each function symbol means on the chart, the ability to create custom charts, the Auto-session handling capabilities, and so on. What are Capital Circle Group fees?

Capital Circle Groups spreads are competitive in my capital circle group review. Their platform requires a minimum brokerage of 250 Euros for all new trades, which can be increased if you want to decrease spreads or increase leverage. What devices is the platform available on?

The broker is ideal for anyone who wants to get into trading or trade-in their spare time without spending large sums of money on courses and training, as the website is very simple to use and all you need to get started is a PC with internet access.

They do not have an application yet for mobile devices, but you can use a user-friendly website that works on all devices smoothly.

Is the Capital Circle Group trading platform safe?

When it comes to my Capital Circle Group review, I have covered all the safety measures of the platform.

Their system uses SSL encryption on both web access and mobile apps, making their login information secure. They also offer two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security against any possible dangers.

What is unique about Capital Circle Group?

The company has very competitive spreads and offers welcome bonuses, which are not usually included in most brokers. When it comes to my capital circle group review, I would like to add that they offer a free trading platform that helps beginners get used to trading on the market with ease.

Who should trade with Capital Circle Group?

If you want to get started with trading and do not have a lot of money to invest, Capital Circle Group is your best bet. They offer low minimum deposits for all their services. Their website is super user-friendly and makes it easy for anyone to get involved in the industry.

In my capital circle group review, I would like to add that they offer free training for any trader that wants to take their knowledge up a notch.

What is the minimum deposit?

Capital Circle Group has low minimum deposits, ideal for new traders or those with smaller budgets. The Capital Circle Group minimum deposit is 250 Euro. If you plan to trade at a higher level, they offer a wide range of financial instruments and competitive spreads on each, so you will never be overcharged.

What is Capital Circle Group customer service?

You can contact their staff via email or phone if you are having any problems at all with your trading account. The capital circle group review I have completed has shown me that the staff is very helpful and ready to answer any questions.

What do you think about Capital Circle Group’s trading platform?

When it comes to my capital circle group review, I want to say that they offer a free trading platform for those looking to perform their own research and learn the basics of trading online.

They offer high-quality customer service and competitive spreads, making all their services very good value for money. I would also like to add that they offer free training if you want to learn more about trading online.

You can contact the staff via phone, email, or live chat feature on their website so there is always help at hand when you need it.

What are Capital Circle Group’s spreads?

Their spreads are very competitive on all their services, especially when considering that they always offer a free trading platform, which makes their service one of the most attractive deals in the market.

The company also offers fixed spreads for all their financial instruments, so it is easy to get started with trading without too much research or spending a lot of time learning about the market.

What is Capital Circle Group’s leverage?

Capital Circle Group offers generous leverage on all their instruments so you can start trading even if you only have a small amount of money in your account. Their maximum leverage is 1:400, which offers high-risk traders a huge advantage in the market.

What is my opinion on Tools, Charts, and Assets?

Capital Circle Group has a huge selection of tools and charts for all their services, especially when you consider that they offer free trading. They are an industry leader in the market for providing advanced charting software, which makes trading on their platform very straightforward.

In my capital circle group review, I would like to add that they don’t have a demo account that allows you to try out their services for free before signing up. However, when you consider that they offer a free trading platform, it is not that important.

What does the customer service look like?

Capital Circle Group offers great customer service that has helped guide me through my first trades by answering any questions about the system.

I found it a good way of learning how Capital Circle Group works, and I never felt pressure from the customer service to make a trade.

In conclusion, Capital Circle Group review has found out on paper it looks like a great trading platform that is easy to use and offers lots of features that you would expect from a professional broker. They have high payouts and minimal fees, ideal for beginners and more experienced traders alike.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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