Can’t travel to learn languages with native speakers? This app is all you need.

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Learning a foreign language is not as hard as it seems. Back in the day, the only way by which you can study a new language is by signing up for classes and practising in a formal classroom setting. This approach to learning allows one to enjoy instant feedback from your teacher (usually a native speaker) and engage with the target language with your classmates. Given the structured curriculum design in the academe, such a move will greatly help in improving your understanding of the complex grammar rules, writing system, and perhaps expand your vocabulary. 

However, there are other legitimate ways by which you can learn. If you are up for an adventure, one of the language tips passed around in our society is that you should travel to learn a new language. The premise here is that by travelling, you will get to observe the information around you, be challenged to speak due to dynamic situations, and get a chance to establish a real connection among the locals. Backed by tons of research studies on its importance in the acquisition, families across the world are considering sending their children to study abroad. 

This phenomenon is the main reason why international language camps and language immersion programs catering to different ages are thriving across the globe. After all, who would not want to learn while visiting famous landmarks and gaining first-hand information about a culture different from yours, right? However, we must face the fact that there are downsides when it comes to travelling to learn a new language. 

For instance, moving to a country is financially draining especially if your motivation is really to learn. Of course, you can never a native speaker just by staying for a few weeks or months. In fact, if you consider Gladwell’s research, you will need to have at least 10,000 hours or 416 days of intensive practice to achieve full mastery of something. If that is the case for language learning, then you will have to stay in that specific country for a year or so, right? And let us be honest, even if you travel there is assurance that you will have progress at all!

A Language Learning Hack

Contrary to common belief, you do not have to settle with expensive options to build a strong language foundation and achieve full fluency. While travelling may significantly help, there are more economical choices out there and what is even more satisfying is that these versatile options are available for free! Instead of going through the full 10,000 hours, what if I tell you that you can learn it every day just by setting aside at least 10 minutes per day? 

It is entirely possible with the Ling App, a free full-featured language learning application built to streamline your process and make it extra fun! Unlike other resources available on the internet, the unique lessons found in this mobile application are broken down to bite-size information to ensure full absorption of the critical sequential lessons developed by native speakers. It comes with a whole range of vocabulary tips that are regularly updated and expanded in order to guarantee that definitions are refined based on the current trends and standards. 

What sets it apart from other learning applications is that it has invested in a lot of features to meet the demands and learning styles of every user. To sharpen your skills in over 60+ languages, it comes with interactive quizzes, top-notch mini-games/drills, excellent chatbots that will give instant feedback, and comprehensive assessment types to facilitate proper measurement of learning. Due to those features, it is quickly becoming a fan favourite since it is perfect to use for learning how to read, write, and speak with confidence since the entries used in the app are not crowd-sourced which means that the content is 100% accurate. 

A Commitment to Study

When it comes to teaching yourself, you do not have to invest a lot. Just by using a free resource like the Ling App, you can keep yourself entertained and at the same time strengthen your skills in the target language. As always recommended, learning must be viewed as a commitment which means that you will have to practice and stick to your routine long enough until you reach the fluency level you are dreaming of. Download the Ling App today and start your learning journey on the right foot. 

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