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Candle Holder History: Tracing the Evolution of Illumination

Candle Holder History: Tracing the Evolution of Illumination

Candle holders are as ancient as candles. They have existed for centuries. Have you ever wondered how candle holders were invented? Or how they were made? As a candle enthusiast, it’s good to know everything about candles and candle holders.

The candle holders we see today are the evolved version of ancient candle holders. Centuries ago, Stone or metal candle holders were made. However, it was not until the Middle Ages that they started using candle holders in businesses and homes. Candle holders are also a part of religious ceremonies.

If you are eager to learn about the history of candle holders, this blog is for you.

Evolution Of Candle Holders: An Overview

Candle holders play a vital role. They provide a safe and sturdy base to light candles. The purpose of a candle holder is to hold candles and prevent them from getting knocked down. Additionally, it prevents the hot melted wax from dripping on the surface underneath.

Candle holders have been in use since ancient times and underwent numerous changes to reach the modern form that we use today. That said, let us now walk you through the evolution of candle holders.

Ancient Candle Holders

The ancient candle holders were made of metal or stone. They made an important part of religious ceremonies. Some civilizations also used clay to make basic shapes like saucers or cups with a spike in the center to hold the candle.

Back then brass or bronze were the most common metals used for making candle holders. In the medieval period, humans made candle holders from stone, like marble or soapstone. They also used animal horns or wood. 

The remains of ancient candle holders can be found in some museums. The materials used for ancient candle holders varied widely depending on the place and time.

Vintage Candle Holders

These candle holders existed during the 1600s in England. During this time, they used the term “candlestick” to define an object that holds candles.

Vintage candles were very popular in Europe. The modern taper candlestick is inspired by vintage candle holders. It was designed and introduced in the 1780s by Jeremiah Colman. 

Other types of vintage candle holders included metal holders and glass jars.

Candle Holders During The Middle Ages

Candle holders during the Middle Ages were mostly made of iron or brass. A candle burned for a long time would create soot, which was difficult to remove. 

This is why these holders were later replaced by vintage candlesticks. Vintage candle holders helped prevent the formation of soot by creating a gap between the candle and the surface.

Colonial American Candle Holders

Candles were widely used in colonial America. Back then people had candelabras in their homes. Rich people used to have multiple candelabras. However, they also used vintage candle holders to hold oil lamps.

In case, you don’t have an idea what a candelabra looks like, you will find them at antique stores and auctions.

The colonial candle holders were replaced in the late 1800s when people started using gas lighters. This was the time when modern candle holders started to become popular. They were mostly made of wrought iron or other types of metals.

Renaissance Period Candle Holders

During this period, they used precious metals like gold and silver to make candle holders. These holders were known both for their functionality and aesthetics.

These candle holders made an important part of celebrations. They were used in churches, marriages, and on occasions like New Year’s Eve and Christmas.

During this time, people lit candles to welcome the spirits of their loved ones on New Year’s Eve. They would leave a candle burning and set a single chair at the table.

Victorian Era Candle Holders

During this period, silver and brass were widely used for making candle holders. These two were the most expensive metals back then.

The popular candle holder style was the candelabrum. These holders could accommodate multiple candles on a stem. The knob attached to the holders allowed it to be carried around easily.

Modern Day Candle Holders

Modern candle holders are the ones that we use today. At present, candle holders are made of various materials including glass, metal, tin, etc. Besides the functionality, these holders serve as great decorative pieces.

Modern candle holders are available in a range of shapes and sizes. A fancy holder can elevate the beauty of any room or space.

Final Words

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Candle holders have come a long way. From basic shapes to fancy designs, candle holders have served their purpose throughout the different ages. Using a holder not only makes lighting a candle safe, but it also enhances the ambiance of the space.

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