Candao Is Enabling Social Matching To Connect Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs And Users

The world is the biggest and largest social networking system. However, for distance and time, our full potentials are never reached. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Wechat, etc., didn’t actually solve all the problems. Although these apps eliminated distance and time problems by bringing people into a pool of communities, users gained little to no direct economic benefits.

This is the reason for the creation of the Candao platform. The Candao social cryptocurrency platform is an online community where people meet new people from different perspectives. The system matches prospects with potentials, startups with investors, and problems with solutions. It leverages human resources to solve the unique problem of matching users with prospects. As a user, the system connects you to prospective teams, partners, and investors according to your needs. It boosts businesses and Startups by matching them to prospective investors who provide funds to finance a project. Candao is a social networking system that beats our wildest imaginations. There is no limit to connection as users are connected to the whole community in the ecosystem.

Candao Social Network & Its Benefits

Candao is a decentralized social network. It creates a viable opportunity that meets success. Its features are based on 3 fundamental recognizable values: PEOPLE, CONSENSUS, and GAMIFICATION. Candao is a social-oriented Blockchain-based network that utilizes the synergy effect, a platform where people pull resources together to fund a project initiated by a user or a team of users in the social community. Candao is on a mission to provide a system where people of like minds meet to set and achieve business and social goals.

To inspire, productively engage, and build value for themselves. There are myriads of challenges facing startups today. They range from the unequal distribution of wealth to insufficient funding to high market costs etc. Without these availabilities, the world will be robbed of great and impactful projects. Candao social network aims to turn deserts (ideas that lack funding) into paradise (provision of funds for viable ideas) by utilizing various cost-effective marketing tools to build a community where funds could be raised to fund startup projects. Candao unlocks people’s superpowers and lets them tokenize the value they create, liquefy assets, connect existing ones, bring people together in order to build joint ventures, distribute profits between all involved people and unlock the value of everyone who plays different roles in everyday life.

CDO Tokens

There are 5 tokens in the Candao network known as NFT Identity, Asset, Personal, Activity, and Brand tokens. However, they are all categorized as CDO tokens, which are Candao’s social cryptocurrency. Candao is a decentralized social network DAO platform partially owned by every CDO holder. The more CDOs you have, the bigger piece of Candao you own.


With the Candao social network, every individual has at his palm, access to the tools, contacts, and community of people to engage productively with, create and boost their projects effectively because “People do, DAOs can”.

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