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Cancun Airport: A Model of Management and Growth in 2024

Cancun Airport

The Cancun International Airport has proven to be a fundamental pillar in the region’s tourist and economic development. Throughout 2024, it has experienced a remarkable increase in the number of flights, solidifying itself as a key destination for both international tourists and domestic travelers.

Increase in Flights in 2024

So far in 2024, Cancun Airport has recorded a significant increase in the number of flights. This growth is due to several factors, including:

  • Increase in international tourism: Cancun continues to be one of the favorite destinations for tourists worldwide, especially from North America and Europe.
  • New routes and airlines: Various airlines have inaugurated new routes to Cancun, increasing connectivity and facilitating access for more visitors.
  • Events and conventions: The calendar of events and conventions in Cancun has helped attract more visitors, boosting air traffic.

This increase not only reflects Cancun’s attractiveness as a tourist destination but also the airport’s efficiency and capacity to handle a growing volume of passengers.

Cancun Airport

Effective Response to Hurricane Beryl

In the summer of 2024, Hurricane Beryl hit the region, testing Cancun’s infrastructure and response capacity. Despite the hurricane’s intensity, the response was exemplary. Thanks to an effective government campaign and meticulous organization, Cancun managed to come through with a clean slate, without any casualties.

Implemented Measures

Some of the measures implemented included:

  • Preventive evacuations: Authorities coordinated evacuations in high-risk areas, ensuring residents and tourists were safe.
  • Well-equipped shelters: Shelters were set up with adequate supplies to protect affected individuals.
  • Constant communication: Through various channels, the government kept the population informed about the measures to follow and the hurricane’s progress.

Contrast with Texas

The handling of the situation in Cancun contrasts sadly with what happened in Texas, where Hurricane Beryl resulted in the loss of eight lives. This difference underscores the importance of preparedness and organization in managing natural disasters.

Success Factors in Cancun

  • Anticipatory planning: Anticipation and planning were key to mitigating the hurricane’s impacts.
  • Coordination among entities: Collaboration between the government, civil protection, and security forces was essential for an effective response.
  • Public awareness: The people of Cancun showed a high level of cooperation and adherence to official guidelines.

Cancun: A World-Class Destination

The successful handling of Hurricane Beryl and the constant increase in the number of flights reinforce Cancun’s image as a world-class destination. It not only offers paradisiacal beaches and a vibrant nightlife but also demonstrates a level of organization and responsiveness that places it on par with the best tourist destinations on the planet. Also its Cancun Airport Shuttle service is always available and safe.


Cancun Airport and the city as a whole have demonstrated impressive capacity for growth and effective management of challenges. This 2024 has been a year of expansion in terms of air connectivity and consolidation as a model for emergency management. Cancun, with its natural beauty and robust infrastructure, continues to stand out as a leading destination in international tourism.


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