Canada based EdTech Company Maplesoft Launches The Maple Calculator App and Maple Learn

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The team at Maplesoft has again reiterated their commitment to helping to improve the learning experience of millions of students in different parts of the world as the company offers the Maple Learn and the Maple Calculator App. The learning solutions are some of the wide range of products from Maplesoft that have made the company one of the most sought-after EdTech brands worldwide.

Overview of The Global EdTech Market

Technological advancements have undoubtedly led to the creation of a plethora of solutions designed to enhance learning and help people have a better and more comprehensive understanding of lessons. Consequently, several edtech products and brands have emerged over the years to meet the growing and diverse needs of users in different parts of the world. A recent report published by GrandView Research put the value of the global EdTech market size at USD 89.49 billion in 2020. The report also revealed that the multi-billion-dollar market is expected to grow to $377.85 billion by 2028. Despite the seemingly amazing figures from the industry, many of the available solutions have not effectively addressed the concerns of users in terms of comprehensiveness and user-friendliness. However, Maplesoft seems to have found the formula to deliver the best possible experience to their customers as substantiated by the Maple Calculator App and Maple Learn.

Features of the Maple Calculator App

The Maple Calculator App is powered by Maplesoft and is created as a free app designed to help users solve math problems, check homework, and explore graphs. The innovative mobile app enables students to enter problems using their camera, ultimately making it easy for parents and guardians to check their wards’ homework with a click of a button, with 2D and 3D expressions of math problems to aid visual learners.

The free Maple Calculator App is suitable for all types of math problems, from simple equations to university-level problems, making it an all-inclusive resource for students and parents to enter, solve, and visualize mathematical problems. The app is available on the Google Play and App Store for users’ iPhone and Android devices.

The Features of Maple Learn

Maple Learn is designed by a team of forward-thinking professionals as a free, dynamic online learning environment powered by the groundbreaking Maplesoft. The solution is created to connect students and teachers, allowing them to collaborate and provide answers to different math problems.

The user-friendly online solution enables students to solve problems instantly in Maple Learn, or even work them out line-by-line as they would in their notebook. Other features and benefits of Maple Learn include the integration of the Maple Calculator App, allowing users to bring the problem into the community by simply taking pictures. Maple Learn also allows users to easily share their work with their teacher, tutor, or classmates when asking for help.

For more information about the Maple Calculator App and Maple Learn as well as other products from Maplesoft, visit – www.maplesoft.com.

About Maplesoft

Maplesoft is a Canadian company that creates mathematics-based software and services for education, engineering, and research, including Maple Learn and the Maple Calculator App. The company’s math engine has been described as the most powerful in the world and is used by companies like Google, NASA, and the Canadian Space Agency, as well as more than 8,000 educational institutions, research labs, and companies in over 90 countries.

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