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Can You Wear Mom Jeans With A Belly? [Know The Right Answer]

Wearing jeans with a crop top is a traditional outfit for every woman. When it comes to mom jeans, they may look unstylish, but they are exceptionally comfortable. Probably this is why most women wear mom jeans as part of their regular dress code. By the way, can you wear mom jeans with a belly, have any idea?

Mom’s jeans are wearable with a belly because they are immense and oversized. Generally, these jeans contain a high waist, significant hip, and long ankle-length. That’s why mom jeans can set any abdominal fat or belly inside the bottom through the high waist and significant hip.

In this context, I’ll tell you different effective ways to wear mom jeans with great comfort and style.

9 Tips On How To Wear Mom Jeans Perfectly Even With A Belly:

After pregnancy, mom jeans can be the best solution to hide your big belly. Mom jeans can cover the tummy with great comfort perfectly. Even a new mom with different body changes can try these jeans to look stylish at any age.

However, style largely depends on what to wear with mom jeans and how you wear them.  Anyway, here are my personal 9 tips on how to wear mom jeans ideally, even with a belly.

Tip-1: Wear With An Oversized Shirt Or T-Shirt

As mom jeans are immense and oversized, it doesn’t look good with skinny tops. Besides, slim tops can’t provide comfort. To look balanced and stylish, always choose oversized shirts and T-shirts. However, most new moms think these jeans can’t give an elegant look over comfort. But this is not true at all.

Also, large tops and shirts can cover the big tummy over the jeans. Even these tops and shirts offer excellent security against fluffiness. Besides, comfort is the most beneficial thing about oversized tops or shirts.

Furthermore, a large top can provide as much comfort as the mom jeans. So, always pick the big and oversized shirt, top, or T-shirt to wear with mom’s jeans and you can also check out some amazing high-waisted plus-size jeans.

Tip-2: Try To Choose Short, Outcropped, And Floral Tops

Tops with short sleeves and outcropped hems go best with mom jeans. With a bit of frill design, short tops can hide the belly easily. Also, these cool tops give a stylish look with mom jeans, ideally. Besides, you can choose floral-designed crop tops and shirts. A crispy color floral top and large bottom of mom jeans will provide an eye-catching look.

Moreover, some latest neck cut-designed tops are available that can also suit mom jeans. Various sleeve cuts can also be an excellent option to look stylish. However, always choose oversized and large tops to balance with the bottom.

Tip-3: Tuck The Shirt Or Top Under The Jeans

It would be best if you tucked the top under the jeans to make a stylish look. Remember, folding the top under the bottom is the only way to get an elegant look with mom jeans. To do this, tuck all the sides properly. It may not look good if any side isn’t tucked perfectly. If the sleeves are full or long, fold them in half and use a pin to set the sleeves.

Also, as the mom jeans are ankle-length pants, you can tuck the jeans near the ankle to give extra comfort and style. However, never fold the pants too much to avoid a traditional look.

Tip-4: Choose The Colorful And Comfortable Fabrics

Choose anything comfortable and colorful over style to wear with mom jeans. Comfortable fabric provides a balance both on top and bottom. Besides, the top tucked into the jeans may hurt the skin if the material is not good. So, always select the top by tracing the fabric quality.

Tip-5: Use Various Accessories Between The Top And Jeans

A black belt over the white top and mom jeans can give a perfect stylish look like models. This combo also hides the belly fat and perfectly sets the jeans’ top. Besides, you can use various waist chains and other accessories to increase the jeans’ look.

Tip-6: Wear Boots Or Suitable Sneakers

Wearing cowboy boots or suitable white sneakers can be used to increase the intelligent look with mom jeans. Cowboy boots and sneakers cover the ankle point and provide a slim look. However, mom jeans are also suitable with traditional slippers and shoes.

Tip-7: Try Trench Coat Or Cropped Cardigan And Hoddie

Mom jeans with a trench coat, cropped cardigan, or hoodie are the best option to hide the tummy fat on winter and rainy days. A long trench coat gives a stylish touch by preventing winter. This outfit combo looks great with boots and sneakers.

Tip-8: Wear With Blazer Or A Different Cut Blouse

Nowadays, a blouse with jeans has become a perfect stylish combo for young to middle-aged women, even with a belly. Different neck and sleeve cuts make these blouses more attractive. Try a blouse and blazer with mom jeans. When choosing a blazer, wear a white colored sleeveless top inside the blazer.

Tip-9: Choose a Padded Or Sleeveless T-Shirt

A padded or sleeveless T-shirt is the other best option to style with mom jeans. To wear these outfits, you must tuck the top under the bottom to perfectly hide the belly fat. Also, padded sleeves are comfortable for the summer season. Wear some jewelry or a watch to enhance your beauty.

Related Questions:

How Can You Hide Your Belly In Mom Jeans?

You can hide your belly perfectly by wearing oversized and short tops with mom jeans. Different shirts and T-shirts are also suitable for this outfit combo. Wear these tops; never forget to tuck the top under the jeans properly.

Also, one side tucked, and the other open can be another option to style with mom jeans and tops. You may fold the ankles according to your comfort and style idea.

What Types Of Mom Jeans Will Be The Best With A Belly?

Mom jeans with a high waist and significant hip will be the best for a belly. High-waist covers the abdominal fats and abdomen also. On the other hand, a large hip tightens the hip and thighs, giving a beautiful slim look. Also, some mom jeans have a large thigh size to provide great comfort.

You can try a crop top with mom jeans to enhance the beauty. The crop top and the high-waist of mom jeans set the belly perfectly. Besides, this combo can make the tummy slim and beautiful.

Final Verdict:

Can you wear mom jeans with a belly? It is a common question among new mothers because they face much hassle covering their belly fat. To be honest, mom jeans will undoubtedly be their most suitable option.

Mom jeans not only hide tummy fat but can also provide a stylish look. Besides, these jeans are the only option when it is to comfort. So, follow my tips and let the mom jeans cover your belly.


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