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Can You Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates Using the Safe Driving Apps?


When you think about it first, the “safe driving app” can appear slightly contradictory. That aside, making use of the phone when you are driving is something that will lead to a disaster. Also, in certain places, it is entirely illegal. However, there are a few apps that can improve driving safety and specific apps from the auto insurance companies that can help you bring down the expense of the insurance. It is possible when you will adhere to safe driving habits. It is one of the essential things to do other than wondering about how to save on auto insurance.

What are secure driving apps?

Today, many kinds of driving apps are present, and each can impact the care insurance rates. The types include the following:

  • The security apps for the parents of the teens –These apps are geared towards the parents who wish to manage their teen drivers on the road. Such apps come with multiple features to keep track of driving. It can track every family member’s driving habits, such as phone usage during driving, top speed, map routes, and instant speed monitoring.
  • The general safety apps –Such apps don’t get tied with the insurer. Instead, it can provide the features for drivers to remain secure on the road and come up with fewer distractions. The apps offer safety tips and can reward you with the stars and allow you to compete with the friends.
  • The insurance company apps –All these apps get provided by the insurance organizations for managing consumer driving habits, with the probable scope of lowering the insurance rates.

Can safe driving apps bring down the insurance expense?

The true answer is that it might. All the apps that aim at general secure driving and managing the young drivers aren’t associated with the insurance providers. It will not have any effect on the premiums. Also, they can enable you to stay secure on the road and bring down your scope of accidents which results in maximized premiums.

When you resort to an app from the car insurance company that tracks driving habits, you can bring down the expenses by averting things like hard braking, speeding, and distracted driving. The savings differ by the company, and they only lead to outcomes if you keep in mind all the security requirements. For a few drivers, using such apps back totally backfires just in case the insurance organization thinks that your driving habits are risky and puts a high rate as a penalty. Not all insurers will do this. Hence, you should read about the program term first.

Finally, it would help if you didn’t forget about your credit score.The car insurance payments and policies shouldn’t appear on the credit report when you don’t pay the premium. And all that you owe gets sent to the collections. But there are insurers who in several states use the credit-based insurance score to evaluate the premiums. There are other states who ban this practice completely. However, if your state doesn’t do this, you should check your credit and do all it takes to enhance it, as it can help you get a low car insurance rate.


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