Can you Mine Cryptocurrency on an Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X Cryptocurrency mining

The decentralized computational process of cryptocurrency mining serves two main purposes. The first purpose is to verify transactions in a trusted manner in a block, and then create new coins in every block.

This is usually done by extremely powerful computers that solve complicated computational math problems. The Xbox platform is relatively open for developers that want to tweak certain features. In an article by Core Xbox, you can even learn how to set up a VPN on an Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Is it possible for an Xbox to mine Crypto?

The power of the internal GPUs could make it possible to mine crypto for Xbox Series X. Both systems are closed and would require extensive software and hardware modifications. Let’s assume that we’re going to use an Xbox Series X because it’s the most powerful.

This will take a lot of developer experience, genius mind, and free time. The Xbox GPU isn’t great for mining out the box.

In the past, someone had published a plan on how to do this for the Xbox One. While some thought they were probably crazy, it seems like people figured out how to make it happen as far fetched as the idea was.

Video: Mining Bitcoin on the Xbox One?

In theory, you will need the following items to mine cryptocurrency on Xbox

  1. A SDK is required to build the code for each platform.
  2. It is necessary to tune it fully. This requires a special mode.
  3. Xbox GPU with at minimum 2Gb video memory, and 2Gb RAM

Yes, it is possible. However, for most people it is easier to build a rig than run the available miners as a regular crypto enthusiast. Consider also whether Microsoft, a powerful corporation, is trying to stop crypto mining on its devices. I bet they don’t want the internal components of their Xbox devices to be fried which could happen in a 24/7 mining operation.

This is the only problem you have to solve: Finding and writing software that works with Xbox.You’ll need to mine in a pool like A mine is a process where no single GPU device can compete for shares.

What about electricity usage?

Your country, supplier, and rates will all affect your electricity usage. However, if you are part of a mining pool, you should be able to find enough shares that you can cover your power consumption and make a profit.

If you are looking to increase your efficiency without sacrificing power, you might consider overclocking. It might be difficult to Overclock Xbox’s though and would take some real skill.

Overall, this is not the best way to spend your electicity and if you are serious about mining crypto, just go the normal route.


To summarize – yes, mining cryptocurrency on an Xbox Console is definitely possible, although ill advised for a myriad of factors.

And just for fun, we found this interesting Pin on Pinterst showing a device that can mine crypto and look like an Xbox.

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