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Can You Get Life Insurance at Age 85 – Things You Need to Know

The elderly people in our lives are a few of the most special ones, and we want to do our best for them. However, they need more than just support from their close ones for a secure and happy life; this is exactly where life insurance plays a critical role.

You can get life insurance at age 85. But you need to know precisely what you want to decide on the right company that can ensure the maximum support and fair coverage. 

Life insurance at age 85 or more works differently than regular insurance. If you are someone who is wondering if you can get life insurance for yourself or someone from your family at age 85 or more, this article may help you understand the situation better. 

Why is life insurance at age 85 crucial?

Our requirements change as we age. The insurance that used to cover many things before may not be of that much help and benefit as you age, which is why senior life insurance is very important.

A journal published by the NCBI shed light on the importance of senior life insurances for elderly people. These are like the support system and confidence boost you need to pass your resting days more comfortably. It can have your back to prepare for the burial, funeral, and other related expenses ahead of time, which can be reassuring. 

Also, some insurance policies allow you to leave some money for the spouse or young ones of the family. Some can help take care of the remaining debts and medical expenses.

If you don’t have any debt or have managed to save up enough to support yourself for the rest of your life, you may not require life insurance. However, a death benefit life insurance can still benefit you by covering the expenses related to the burial and funeral. 

Types of life insurance that you can apply for at age 85

Your options get limited with growing age. But there’s no need to think that you can’t get life insurance at age 85; you can. Let’s look at the types of life insurance you can apply for at your age. 

Whole life insurance

Whole life insurance is the best one out there for elderly people aged 85 or more. It is more secure than other types, and it offers more benefits. 

The best part about this insurance policy is that you can get hold of your money any time you want with no penalties. It also offers more coverage benefits compared to burial or final expense life insurance.

Burial or funeral life insurance

Getting a burial or funeral life insurance doesn’t have to imply that you are already thinking about the end. But preparing beforehand can never be a wrong decision, and it can help you find peace. 

A burial or funeral insurance, also known as ‘final expense life insurance’, allows you to get the maximum coverage to cover your burial, funeral, pending medical bills, and other related expenses. 

Universal life insurance 

Universal life insurance is another fantastic insurance policy that offers benefits to people aged 85 and more. It requires higher premiums but also provides significant savings. However, the high premiums can be a problem for many.

A modified version of this insurance is the ‘guaranteed universal life insurance’. It is even more expensive but lets you leave a good sum of money behind for the young ones in your family. 

How do you choose the perfect life insurance at age 85?

If you are 85 and thinking of purchasing senior life insurance, you should be making your move right now. Very few companies sell insurance for people in their 80s, and it will get more challenging as you reach 86. Now let’s take a look at the things to consider to choose the perfect life insurance at 85.

#1- Understand your requirements

Your life insurance is supposed to support you in times of need. Before you choose a particular insurance type and provider, understand your requirements well. First, select the right type that fulfills your demand and then decide on the provider.

#2- Check the life insurance quotes

You need to check the life insurance quotes for various policies offered by different companies. Select one or more quotes and analyze them subtly to fix the most suitable one for you.

#3- Check the rating from the existing customers

You should check the rating of the insurance company to find out if it’s the right choice for you, given your circumstances. The ratings will give you an idea about how the company is doing and if it will benefit you in the long run.

#4- Check the reputation as a service provider 

You also need to check on the company’s reputation before you decide to spend your money. There are many ways to determine the number of complaints people have with a specific company. Research well and spend your money wisely to get the maximum benefit.

#5- Analyze the customer service features of the provider

You should check for the customer service features a company offers beforehand. These features show how much a company cares for its clients. Keep in mind that many companies charge their customers extra for added benefits.

#6- Check the process of application

The process of application plays a very critical role. Things get more challenging for older people as they reach their 80s. The application procedure consists of a lot of steps. Check everything properly, see if these steps suit your conditions, and then decide. 

Medical exams are an essential part of the application procedure for many insurance policies. If this is not something you want, think carefully before making a decision. 

#7- Consider the financial stability of the provider

You need to consider the financial stability of the provider you’re thinking of buying the policy from as it can be crucial. If it’s a new company, it may not have reached its full potential yet. 


All elderly people want at age 85 is peace of both mind and body. Although life insurance can’t help you treat any medical conditions, it can support you mentally and financially during your resting days. Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

Can you purchase life insurance at age 85 without any medical exam?

You can purchase life insurance at age 85 without any medical exam. Although most companies ask for a medical assessment, some don’t. For the ones that do, it can be hard to get the proper insurance with any existing medical situation.

What are some of the life insurance coverage that you can go for in your 80s?

Your options become pretty limited as you step into your 80s. However, there are some life insurance policies you may still be able to go for and they are – term, whole, burial or final expense, universal, and guaranteed universal life insurance. It is wise to make a fast decision as it only gets harder from here to get proper insurance coverage.

What types of burial insurance are you eligible for at age 85?

Burial insurance is one of the best options for an elderly person in his/her 80s. There are three types of burial insurance that you can benefit from at 85 years of age. They are – level benefit burial insurance, graded benefit burial insurance, and guaranteed issue life insurance. All these insurance provide fixed coverage as long as you pay the premiums.

What is your best insurance choice if you want to avoid medical exams?

It gets tough for elderly people to qualify for many life insurance policies for one or more medical conditions. In terms of avoiding medical exams and restrictions, the best life insurance choice for someone who is 80 years old or older is guaranteed issue life insurance. It is quicker and easily attainable but a bit expensive. 


85 is a fantastic age to be in; you’ve lived through all the amazing and active years of your life, and by this time, you should have taken care of most of your responsibilities. 

Now, to pass the rest of your life with comfort and assurance, you need senior life insurance. Finding a suitable insurance policy with the best rate and fair coverage at 85 can be difficult but not impossible. As you decide on a provider, make sure to check its reputation, customer service, and coverage policies.

Insurance policies can be beneficial, especially during the last years of your life. It helps you prepare for everything in advance and make things easier for your family. Hope this article helped you understand the importance and type of life insurance you can get at age 85.



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