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Can Sagaworld Kill eBay And Amazon by Blockchain Power? Truth Unmasked

Millions of people join eCommerce platforms every year to sell or purchase things. Although everything included in the process is streamlined, and people don’t have any issues with the whole selling or buying process, the products and services they buy are recorded. They don’t have any privacy as the websites record their personal information and bank records.

Saga World has come up with the century’s idea to keep the “user privacy and secrecy” in mind and ensure that there are no data breaches. With a mission to create something similar to eBay and Amazon, Sagaworld has created a platform that allows users to use Blockchain as a mode of payment. As a result, they can buy and sell products and services without thinking about data breaches in which their personal or financial information may get stolen. The best thing about this is that there is no need to verify personal information, as the mode of payment is Blockchain.

Can Sagaworld Kill eBay And Amazon by Blockchain Power?

To know about the potential of Sagaworld, and to get into the discussion of whether it has the power to kill eBay and Amazon, let’s have a look at what makes Sagaworld so special:

1.       Blockchain Payment

The first thing that makes Sagaworld so special from others is that it uses a Blockchain payment method. Unlike other eCommerce platforms like eBay and Amazon, users can remain anonymous while paying for something or selling something. No other eCommerce platform has had the honor of incorporating a Web 3.0. It is predicted that as people are getting more and more concerned about their privacy, they will choose to shop or sell on Sagaworld rather than on other mainstream eCommerce platforms.

2.       Country Restrictions

Another great thing about Sagaworld is that there are no restrictions. It means that users from all over the world can join the platform and reap the potential benefits. Other commerce platforms have a strict policy over some third-world countries, which doesn’t allow the users from those countries to join those platforms. That is when Sagaworld comes into play. It has opened its platform to everyone without imposing restrictions on nationality or language to promote equality and inclusiveness and give out a message that everyone is equal. This gives Sagaworld another edge over other mainstream eCommerce platforms.

3.       Payment Limitations

It doesn’t happen every day when a company is formed, which gives the users ultimate power over the preferred mode of payment. Sagaworld is a complete platform, and the most important thing to note here is that there are zero risks involved. Users can use the blockchain platform to pay for the products and services, and that too with utmost speed. So, Sagaworld powers up the transaction speed while allowing a universal mode of payment, i.e., Blockchain.

4.       Community-Based Platform

Not many companies in their infancy mode open their doors to communities, but Sagaworld has also played a very important card here. It is a community-based program, while eBay and Amazon are not open to the developer community. This means that developers from all over the world can join the platform and meet their forces to create truly magnificent something.

5.       Fee Structure

Nothing in the world comes free. It is a carving on stone, but in the case of Sagaworld, it is not true. Other traditional platforms such as Amazon and eBay are known to incur heavy transaction fees, which as a result, are mood and business busters. But with Sagaworld, users don’t have to pay for anything. There are no transactional costs, and hopefully, it will be free for a lifetime. Sagaworld will be on the BSC (Binance chain) platform, but it doesn’t have its Blockchain yet. Soon Sagaworld will start running on its Blockchain, and it is in the last phase of development. But for now, it’s just using blockchain payments so everyone can use it without verification and headaches of putting credit card information while making a transaction.

6.       Need verification

What irritates human beings more than being stuck in traffic proves that they are not robots. Additionally, filling up forms and providing verifications to perform transactions is another thing that annoys the mortals. So, keeping that in mind, Sagaworld developers have introduced a system that puts privacy over anything else. While all the other platforms are closing the circle tight on verifications, Sagaworld plays a breath of fresh air to those users who are constantly worried about their personal information and who put their privacy over everything else.

7.       Listing items and products together

Listing items and products altogether have never been easier than on the Sagaworld platform. People can easily use the platform, allowing users to list their products and services under the same roof. It is worth mentioning that no other platform like eBay or Amazon allows the users to do this.

8.       Mining is possible

Additionally, the platform boasts that its users mine for cryptocurrency without spending a dime on the machine. On top of that, people can receive SagaW tokens every day by purchasing mineable items on the SagaW website. Every user can easily use the platform to sell services, buy stuff, and mine cryptocurrency. There is no other eCommerce platform in the world that provides this option, and that is why it carries the power to kill eBay and Amazon with the help of Crypto Power.

Bottom Line

Ecommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay impose too many restrictions on people and don’t provide universal services. With added security issues for private people and complex verification and payment systems, most people get annoyed while using these platforms. This is what the Sagaworld developers have noted and addressed in their newly launched platform. Not only does Sagaworld provides a blockchain payment method, but it has levied all the restrictions based on country of origin. Additionally, with the removal of restrictions related to the mode of payment, the community-based platform is bound to kill amazon and eBay because of zero fees and mining ability.

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