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Can I Wear Diamond Earrings Daily?

Diamond is considered the hardest gemstone on earth, with unmatched durability and sparkle. Natural diamonds are precious, rare, and expensive. A pair of diamond earrings is an expensive possession; you will never want your jewelry to lose its charm or sparkle and look dull. Like any other piece of jewelry, diamond earrings will accumulate grime and dirt if worn regularly and start appearing dull. Chemicals and ingredients from the day-to-day products you use will create a cast over the diamond stone, which will reduce its sparkle over time. Exposing your diamond earrings to chemicals and chlorinated water will harm their sparkle. If you want to retain its look and shine for several years, avoid wearing your natural diamond earrings daily.

Choose lab-grown diamond earrings for everyday wear.

Lab Grown Diamonds possess the same physical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds, which is why they look identical to natural diamonds. One of the best attributes of lab-created diamonds is their affordability. Environmentally conscious buyers need not worry about digging a hole in their pocket while buying a pair of lab-grown diamond earrings for themselves or their loved ones. Being affordable and highly durable in nature, lab-grown diamonds are a perfect gemstone for everyday jewelry.

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds and sparkling gems made in laboratories. Lab Created Diamond Earrings are made highly durable so that they can withstand daily wear and tear. If you are looking for diamond earrings for everyday wear, then there can be no other better option than lab-grown diamonds, especially for people who are environmentally and socially conscious.

Should I take off my diamond earrings at night?

If you want to wear Lab Diamond Earrings for day-to-day wear, then it is important for you to choose a delicate, light, and dainty design so that you are comfortable wearing them. Many people prefer to take their diamond earrings off before going to bed, fearing losing the precious diamond stone in their earrings at night. However, with the day-to-day wear of diamond earrings at New World Diamonds, you need not worry about chemicals, soapy water, or sweat to dull and damage the shine of your diamond earrings. Whether you are investing in natural or lab-grown diamonds, it is important to consider the 4Cs- clarity, cut, color, and carat of diamond earrings to ensure that your diamond earrings do not lose sparkle or shine in the long run.

Why are lab-grown diamond earrings the best choice for everyday wear?

There are no specific hard and fast rules regarding wearing diamond jewelry and earrings every day or not. You can add a bit of dazzle and sparkle to your regular life by choosing Lab Created Diamond Earrings. Millennials today choose lab-created diamonds as their most preferred diamond jewelry for everyday wear because they are highly durable, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Similar to natural diamonds, lab-created diamonds also have their own color and clarity grades. Their durability and crystal structure ensures that the diamonds will not cloud over time, so you easily afford diamond jewelry within your budget and wear them daily.

When should you avoid wearing your diamond earrings?

Not wearing your diamond jewelry before taking a shower is always a better option. Shampoos, conditioners, and soaps comprise chemicals which are not suitable for your diamond jewelry and earrings, and they tend to accumulate in and around the corners of the diamond stone. This will create a build-up cloudy appearance and make your diamond jewelry lose sparkle. One of the best ways to clean your lab-grown diamond earrings and retain their shine and sparkle is to clean them regularly.

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