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Can I Build a Granny Flat on My Property

A granny flat is a secondary dwelling, detached or attached to your primary residence. The place has its entrance, living areas, bedrooms, laundry area, bathroom, and kitchen. For homeowners, granny flats can provide extra income or additional living space.

According to granny flat builders Sydney, adding a granny flat is easy. However, you will require council approval through a development application or Complying Development and generally its easier to hire professional granny flat builders Sydney NSW for the project.  

While the name suggests that granny flats should be only for grandparents, these secondary dwellings can serve multiple purposes. Co-habiting with older parents or children is uncommon in the Western world. However, there are many instances in which both children and parents prefer living close to each other.

Ailing or aging parents/grandparents or older children who are not yet financially ready to afford their own home. That’s why many Australians are now looking for granny flat floor plans which fit their needs and budget.

If you live in Australia, your neighbour or someone you know may already be constructing a granny flat. That’s because there are multiple benefits you can achieve by doing so. 

The most popular reasons why you may be considering building granny flats Sydney on your property may include the following:

  • an easy way to bring in extra money or increase cash flow for the household
  • improve the overall value of your property by adding more bedrooms
  • setting up a home office or a building a mancave or sheshed

How Much Value Can a Granny Flat Add to Your Property?

The answer to this question is more complex than you may think. After adding a granny flat, what adds value to a property can depend on several factors.

According to some estimations, a granny flat can increase a home’s value by up to 40%. Of course, this may vary according to the build’s size and quality. However, according to CoreLogic, adding a granny flat may enhance a property’s overall value by as much as 30%.

The exact amount of value that you can add to your property after building a granny flat can vary according to the following:

Any granny flat’s style and the level of the materials, furnishings, and outdoor area will also be essential factors. For instance, extra lawn space won’t likely be in demand if you live in the inner city, and your potential tenants or purchasers won’t spend much time at home or use the outdoor area. For exploring different options, don’t forget to visit our granny flat display homes Sydney.

But if you plan to construct a granny flat for pensioners, they may prefer a lovely green area for sipping their morning or evening coffee.

Our granny flat showroom can also give you plenty of ideas.

A well-planned granny flat should increase the value of your property. It will also make your property stand out from other properties in the area, especially if your home has an appealing and modern design. On the contrary, a poorly laid out and planned out granny flat can add little to no value.

Therefore, you should always contact professional granny flat builders Sydney to build the home of your dreams. Smart Choice Granny Flats are among the best granny flat builders, Sydney has to offer. We have  been specialising in granny flats for over a decade and much longer in the building industry in general so plenty of time to perfect the art.

If you are looking for affordable and the best granny flat builders in Sydney, we can help you build a two-story or a single-story granny flat on your property. 

How Can I Build a Granny Flat on My Property

Taking a step back before starting your granny flat project is crucial to see if this option is your best and only solution to your needs. Then, once you are ready to explore different possibilities and bear all development costs, you can contact a professional granny flat builder Sydney for your project.

Let’s now look at some steps in building a granny flat on your property.

Council Approval

Councils have varying requirements for constructing a granny flat. NSW has a streamlined processes for ‘complying’ developments that meet specific standards. Generally, a granny flat may only be built on residential-zoned land, and only one flat is permitted on a single parcel of land. The granny flat must have a separate entrance. In addition, there are specific size requirements that homeowners and granny flat builders Sydney must meet.

Floor Area Calculation

Did you know that you may not be limited to 60m2? The typical granny flat size limit is 60 square meters. However, certain land types may allow more extensively sized secondary dwellings, up yo 80 percent of the size of the home on some rural lots, usually with additional rules or considerations. If you contact us, our team will go through every possible rule to see how we can maximize the livability of your granny flat or secondary dwelling.

We offer a variety of granny flat floor plans, so you have plenty of inspiration to draw from or we can custom design specially for you.

State or Local Rules

Sometimes local planning regulations apply in addition to state legislation to govern granny flats and other additional dwellings. Local planning is called DA approval and is somewhat more complicated and takes a little more time and money to get the approval.


Despite the regulations that say a granny flat or additional residence does not require a parking space, consider how the lack of parking would affect your final rental income. Therefore, before continuing with your project, we will ask you about some essential details that will help you decide the kind of floor plan you should choose for your granny flat.

Final Thoughts

There are many requirements that your property must comply with in order to be able to build a granny flat on your property. To learn all of those Contact Smart Choice Granny Flats today or schedule an appointment to visit our granny flat display homes and choose the best granny flat plan for your project.

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