Can Cryptocurrency Be the Digital Money of the Future?


In this century of technology, people want to make their life easier and easier, and it seems the new digital money is solving the problem.

We use the delivery of products, techniques, cosmetics, we use different robots that clean our house, different EHR development results and now we can use the digital money – cryptocurrency not only for payments but for trading as well. 

If we talk about payment, I can say that cryptocurrency is easy to pay with because:

  1. payments are very fast;
  2. fees are the lowest among other payment services;
  3. everything is absolutely anonymous.

Yes, crypto money is very convenient, and payments are very fees, and you don’t need to pay high fees. 

But… if we talk about Bitcoin ATMs which are very popular among the people who have access to them, I need to say that here you will pay around 10% of fees. 

If it is okay for you, you will be very satisfied with the process of buying crypto – they can create the wallet for you if you don’t have it!

Now let’s talk more about crypto wallets and their importance. 

To make payments it is important to have the account on the cryptocurrency exchange or the BTC wallet. The second option is better because even the developers of exchanges advise people not to hold all the crypto on the account. 

About crypto wallets – there are plenty of them. 

If you want to have the most secure one, you will better choose the hardware wallet or wallet with the cold storage. 

And now it is time to talk about cryptocurrency trading. People are trying to make it the main source of income. Some of them trade based on their own market predictions and some use crypto trading signals

I need to say that the second option is more popular just because it is easier – you just take the signal with all the targets, stop-loss, risk percentage, etc. and trade based on those recommendations. 

The only thing you need to remember that there are a lot of scammers along the crypto channels, I think 90% – 95%. 

And because of the high amount of them, it is very hard to choose the legit channel. 

But if you will do the proper research of the channel’s part activity, feedback of users, reviews on the Internet, compare their pricing to the same channels, you can understand how good they are. 

If you see that the channel you are going to work with has a lot of cross-promotions on the free channel, the admin is very nervous and wants you to buy the subscription only, have very high results like +1800% or higher, I will recommend you to avoid this channel.

If you don’t want to trade, you have the opportunity to benefit from crypto anyway. The process is very simple – you need to find the best crypto wallet and to buy the big amount of the crypto assets that, according to your information, will have a higher price soon. If your predictions are true, you will receive profit just doing nothing. 

Here you need to be sure this coin will grow in price because in the opposite situation you can lose a lot of money. 

Of course, I can only recommend something, the final decision is up to you.

Anyway, you need to understand that every process needs to have good preparation. The same situation is with the new digital money, cryptocurrency. If you do everything wisely and properly, you will like it. 

Good luck! 

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