Can a Token be Modeled Like a VC?

Mandi token

MnI is a portfolio management company based in Indonesia, utilizing over 20 years of investment banking experience to manage carefully reviewed mining & infrastructure businesses. We took a deep dive with CEO Wayne Wilson to see how he is tackling this possibility with MnI and Mandi token

From an economic perspective, what’s happening over in Indonesia?

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia and the world, with a government firmly focused on infrastructure and service delivery. Boasting a population of nearly 300 million people (right behind the USA), it has a skilled workforce, and inexpensive labor. It has abundant mineral and natural resources (many still untapped) and, from my personal experience, very fruitful opportunities in the mining & infrastructure sectors (hence the name MnI). The political climate is more or less stable, with new administrative capital being developed. These are all contributing factors to an accelerating economy. 

How did you discover this? What were you doing before? 

After getting my degree in corporate law, I plunged into entrepreneurship and finance, working within both the government and private sector in South Africa. I even formed a company that ran the technology transfers from the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in that region for 6 years. I specialized in tech transfers, greenfield project development, skill transfers, turn around strategies and focused on financial sustainability. Indonesia appealed to me on the basis of the cost associated with mining minerals. There are plenty of untapped resources out there, as well as population strength, potential global expansion of business, growing tourism, all culminating in an extremely fertile and sustainable economic potential.

Why is MnI utilizing a token instead of forming a traditional VC?

To date the token industry has been a predominantly one-directional flow economy. Most tokenomic models utilize artificial distributions of returns or incentives to the token holders, which have led financial experts to label them all as Ponzi schemes. There is only room for bitcoin and ether to really lean on innovation and network effect. For a majority of cases, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have no revenue-earning model that brings money back to the market, leaving investors with only one option of buying tokens hoping someone else will buy it for more.

In any business environment, a circular economy is needed whereby real money can enter the economy and be circulated to sustain the health and value of the project.

In this, an opportunity arose: by creating a model similar to a conventional VC model and tokenizing it. It allows anyone the opportunity to enter this environment.

The benefit is the barrier to entry is not as stringent for the retail investor. Mandi token is designed to always be liquid, meaning the token holders have full control over their trading or liquidity subject to law. The token creates an accumulated profit distribution model by diversifying the risk across a large portfolio of Indonesian mining and infrastructure ventures. This is all done without locking the token holder to a fixed project, but instead giving them full control of their personal holdings.

By implementing the model in this way, we for the first time look at creating the bridge between the conventional business environment and the digital economy, allowing real money to flow seamlessly between the two.

Who is managing your portfolio? Also, what is the relationship between MnI and Mandi Token?

We have a wide range of experts in finance, accounting, and business analysis, including former analysts and financial experts from known institutions such as Goldman Sachs and Deloitte. We use a very conventional methodology on our approach to assess the profitability and feasibility of any opportunities that have the potential to add value to our ecosystem and Mandi token holders. 

Mandi token (Mandi Corp Pte. Ltd.), incorporated in Singapore, is our way of bridging the retail investor to MnI, our Indonesian portfolio management company.

What are some exciting highlights in MnI’s 2020 roadmap?

We are not necessarily a standard tech company; rather, we are applying the current innovations of blockchain technology to bridge the world of mining and infrastructure with the digital economy. The focus is on how to create more value with our strategic partnerships and more profit-generating activities which directly impact our target market.

Thus, the focus is to increase our strategic partners. This shows the ability and credibility of the partners we have and how the risk is managed by only working with companies we have already vetted. All our terms have been met and adhered to. This includes tax clearance certificates, audited financial reports, company registration certificates, etc. MANDI is now live on Citex exchange and Cointiger soon after.

We will be contributing to a number of long-term projects. We will also be expanding our exchange offerings to ensure we are available to the world and anyone can participate.

Finally, we will be making some publications and media appearances and from major news outlets, including Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Fox, etc., to educate the business world about the use of blockchain and our unique business model.

Where can people go to stay informed on future announcements and your strategic partners? 

Visit our website at and sign up for our email list. We will share as much information and documentation as we can on our strategic partnerships, as they are the core of what generates our revenue. Also follow us on Twitter @manditoken

Forward–looking Statements

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