Campus Sexual Assault Charges in Syracuse: Check these details

Campus Sexual Assault Charges in Syracuse

If you have received a letter from your university about an alleged sexual assault, you must take immediate legal action. Keep in mind that being accused of sexual assault or a conviction could change your life forever, impacting your reputation and career. Such incidents are considered sex discrimination, and because educational institutions have a lot at stake, you cannot always expect your university to focus on finding the truth. As a burdened student, you have to prove your innocence and do not have the right to a public hearing. If the college panel believes the story of the accuser, you could be expelled and evicted from the campus. It’s a no-brainer that you shouldn’t take chances in such circumstances. Here are some facts to know.

Get an attorney

No matter whether you are guilty, you need to call a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse and get legal counsel on your side. Your lawyer should have experience in such matters related to campus sexual assaults and must have a reliable profile. They are responsible for reviewing all the legal options you can consider and will work on your strategy. Everyone at Syracuse University plays an important role in creating a campus that takes care of one another, supports each other and is free of interpersonal violence. We hope that you will use these webpages to explore resources available on campus and in the community, engage in prevention efforts and learn more. 

Do not talk to university representatives

While you may assume that talking to law enforcement officials or university representatives will help you explain your side of the story, that is far from the truth. Except for your attorney, no one needs to know what happened, and whatever you say to others can be used against you. Refrain from sharing details with anyone, and let your attorney deal with the defense.

Do not talk to the accuser

While you may have the best intentions and want to sort out the confusion with the accuser, this could be a bad move. It may appear that you are trying to tamper with the facts or forcing the accuser to take back the case. Even if you are not guilty, don’t communicate with the accuser.

Work on your defense

Your lawyer will want to know as many details as possible, and if you have evidence like calls, videos, text messages, and photos that can prove your innocence, let them know. Your defense should be based on facts and circumstances, and your lawyer will tell you the dos and don’ts you need to follow.

Sexual intercourse with someone without their consent is treated as third-degree rape in NY. Don’t let your circumstances change your life – get an attorney now! The purpose of this policy is to prevent and redress Sexual Harassment and related forms of prohibited conduct at Syracuse University by: setting community expectations regarding discrimination and harassment; describing what conduct is prohibited; and explaining how the University will respond to reports of prohibited conduct. It is also meant to ensure compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), its implementing regulations, and other applicable sexual harassment prevention laws.

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