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Camlist Launches The VIP Program

Camlist , the pet ownership platform, announces the launch of subscription packages for breeders

Camlist, the world’s first video marketplace for pets, announced the launch of a new VIP (Very Important Pet-breeder) subscription program for sellers. This program provides exclusive benefits to sellers, giving them the opportunity to stand out in the platform, promote their profiles, and connect with more prospective pet parents. The VIP program is part of Camlist’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe and convenient platform for pet owners and breeders to connect.

Camlist CEO, Moustafa Mahmoud, commented on the launch of the VIP program, saying “We’re excited to introduce our new VIP program for sellers, which we believe will help them take their online presence to the next level. Our goal at Camlist is to create a safe and user-friendly platform for pet owners and breeders, and the VIP program is a key part of that effort.”

The VIP program is designed to provide sellers with a range of benefits that will help them boost their profile and connect with more prospective pet parents. These benefits include a VIP badge on their profile, the ability to offer additional payment options, and access to a range of social features that will help them connect with buyers and build their reputation. Mahmoud elaborated on the benefits of the program, saying “We believe that the VIP program will help sellers stand out in the platform and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. Our aim is to create a community of pet owners and breeders who can connect and share their love for pets, and the VIP program is an important part of that effort.”

In addition to the benefits listed above, the VIP program also includes access to priority support 24/7 and a host of other benefits, such as the ability to host unlimited live streams, which can be a valuable tool for connecting with other users on the platform, showcasing their litters, and answering any questions the audience may have.

Mahmoud expressed his confidence in the success of the VIP program, stating “We believe that the VIP program will be a game-changer for sellers on our platform and will help them have a single digital identity that represents them online. We’re committed to creating a platform that provides value to both sellers and buyers, and we believe that the VIP program is a key part of that effort.”

The launch of the VIP program is part of Camlist’s ongoing commitment to creating a safe, user-friendly, and innovative platform for pet owners and breeders. With its unique video-based mobile platform and a range of features designed to promote safety and transparency, Camlist is quickly becoming the go-to platform for anyone looking to rehome a pet. The VIP program is just one more way that Camlist is helping sellers and buyers connect and build relationships that will benefit everyone involved.

About Camlist: Camlist is the world’s first pet ownership platform. Having launched in early 2020, they’re now active in 3 countries, with the most recent being the US. Camlist now supports thousands of buyers and sellers on their app and has introduced their unique 0% interest pet financing product as well as a host of features that provide buyers and sellers with a safer and more convenient way to rehome their pets. The app is available on both iOS and Android.


Company Name: Camlist

Country: USA



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