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Camlist launches a ChatGPT for pets

Camlist , the #1 marketplace for pets worldwide, announces the launch of the world’s first GPT-3 powered AI assistant for the pet industry

Camlist announced the launch of a 24/7 ChatGPT-like bot, named “Buddy”, for all users on its platform. This an exciting addition to the video-first pet marketplace, which aims to be the safest way to rehome a pet across the US and the world.

About the launch of the GPT-3 powered chatbot, Camlist CEO Moustafa Mahmoud said: “Our vision since day 1 is to be the safest way for anyone to rehome a pet. Since most of our users are first-time pet parents, they usually have a lot of questions about how to care for their new furry friend. With the viral growth of ChatGPT, we wanted to bring the same experience to our existing and prospective pet parents. Think of it as ChatGPT for the pet industry.”

Since their launch in the US just a few months ago, Camlist has already gained significant popularity in the pet industry, with thousands of US pet breeders and prospective pet parents flocking to the platform on a daily basis. “We have thousands of users using Camlist to rehome their pets in the safest way possible on a daily basis. Every feature we release is carefully tailored to the needs of our community, with a primary focus on safety and animal welfare, which is why we’re super excited about bringing a new 24/7 A.I. powered pet assistant to our industry.”, said Moustafa.

This is a major next step for the marketplace which has already introduced several innovations to the pet industry with the most recent being the social features connecting all its users, in addition to other innovations for pet breeders and parents such as live-streaming, a rating system for breeders, video listings, video calls, 0% financing, a cashback club for pet parents, and several others. This unique combination of features solves many of the problems that both pet parents and breeders face during the process of rehoming a pet and helps them even beyond that as well.

The chatbot turned out to be incredibly popular amongst Camlist customers, he said: “Buddy was an overnight success amongst our users, and the use cases are endless. For example, some prospective pet parents started using Buddy to do some research such as asking which breed is best for them, given their current living conditions and work schedules, and existing pet parents started asking it how to provide better care such as how to train their new furry friend, or how to develop certain habits. Buddy is available inside the app, as well as a standalone WhatsApp bot.”

He added: “Very soon, anyone in the US will be able to call a toll-free number and speak to Buddy on the phone and have a conversation with him. They will be able to ask him any question on the phone and get an answer on the call as well.”

To raise awareness of their mission, Camlist offers several perks to any buyer who rehomes their fur baby through the app such as 1 year of free pet food, access to a cashback club that helps them get cashback of up to 30% on any purchase they make for their pet (including food, supplies, toys, etc), special discounts on insurance, and the newly introduced 24/7 free vet service. Moustafa said: “We started offering these perks to promote our mission of safe rehoming. We hope this brings awareness to our mission across the community.”

Camlist believes that its video-first platform has the potential to change the way people rehome pets in the US and across the world, making the entire process much safer for all participants, with a special focus on animal welfare. They hope that more people opt-in to use the platform when they’re considering rehoming a pet to support this mission and enjoy a safer and more convenient experience.

About Camlist: Camlist is the world’s first video marketplace for pets. Having launched in early 2020, they’re now active in 3 countries, with the most recent being the US. Camlist now supports thousands of buyers and sellers on their app and has introduced their unique 0% interest pet financing product as well as a host of features that provide buyers and sellers with a safer and more convenient way to rehome their pets. The app is available on both iOS and Android.







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