Camelo: Helping businesses Simplify Employee Scheduling, Time tracking, And Communication


Camelo helps businesses in various industries, including food & beverages, healthcare, retail, fieldwork, hospitality, and more, manage shift schedules, work hours, and employees. Shift-based workplaces and hourly workers can use Camelo’s advanced tools to boost productivity and maintain operational efficiency. 

“With our diverse tools, you can create work schedules and share them with employees quickly, keeping your team updated and on the same page,” says Brian Le, the company’s CEO.

Fair and efficient schedules for all.

Camelo helps users assign shifts quickly while considering various requirements, including shift needs, availability, employee preferences, etc. The app alerts schedule conflicts to ensure users can create effective, fair, and cost-saving schedules within the shortest time possible. Once the schedule is finalized, Camelo sends notifications and reminders to each employee to inform them about their work details.

“A good work schedule is affected by many factors, from how many people you should schedule for a shift and the skills required to employees’ preferences and compliance with the labor laws. There might be constant changes to the schedules due to absences or shift swaps. Updating employees can become tedious and messy. That’s where Camelo comes to help,” says Brian.

A workplace hub for everyone.

“Whether you’re a manager looking for time-saving solutions for scheduling employees or an admin looking to track hours more accurately, whether you’re a business owner looking for an attendance tracker or a team leader looking to communicate with your team more effectively, Camelo is your new assistant,” continues Brian.

As employees can use the Camelo app on their smartphones to clock in and out of their shifts, managers can monitor attendance in real-time and track work hours for payroll. The software gathers relevant scheduling and work hours data to generate reports and insights for users to make informed decisions and manage more effectively.

“If someone is late for work or doesn’t show up, managers can receive real-time updates from the dashboard and take actions to ensure coverage. Once shifts are done, timesheets are also ready for review and payroll,” says Brian.

Camelo’s built-in messaging feature allows employees and managers to exchange messages, share updates, and collaborate efficiently, all within a secure and centralized platform. Users can chat directly with the Camelo team within the app to get help and answers.

“Camelo is bringing a new level of everyday convenience to business owners and managers with an easy-to-use solution,” shares Brian. “As part of our ongoing commitment to support businesses, we will continue to expand on the capabilities of Camelo by working closely with developers and listening to users.”

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About the company.

Camelo is an online scheduling solution dedicated to providing users with tools for employee scheduling, time tracking, attendance monitoring, and team messaging. It caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, giving workplaces the freedom to spend more time on important work instead of wasting time on paperwork or manual administrative tasks. Camelo is available on both desktop and mobile, enabling users to access work information from anywhere.

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