Call Of Duty XBOX / Playstation Console VPN Released

With the release of Call of Duty®: Warzone 2.0, Many console players are looking for the best way to get “bot lobbies” or “easy lobbies” due to the game having skill-based matchmaking activated in the game.

What is Call Of Duty skill based matchmaking?

Skill-based matchmaking is a  matchmaking system that games use to decide what servers to place you on in games such as warzone 2.0 and other Call Of Duty titles.

When you search for a lobby in this game, it is reported to use a complex matchmaking algorithm to find other players of equal skill level to you and fill up your lobby with players of the same skill level as you – this is called skill-based matchmaking.

Can you use a VPN for console in Call Of Duty to get easy lobbies?

Up until recently there was no good options for xbox and playstation Call Of Duty players to use a VPN.

However there is now a great VPN for console players for use in Call Of Duty Warzone and other Call Of Duty titles.

How do i setup my Call Of Duty console VPN?

First you should head over to GAMEVPNS.COM and create an account which should take no longer than one minute.

Once you have set up your account and logged in you should see a list of console vpn servers to pick from.

Underneath this you will see two DNS server ip addresses that you will need to input into your console.

Once you have input the DNS ip adresses you should connect to the vpn server in the gamevpns website.

Then start your game and check the geo location in your network settings and you will see that you are connected to the vpn server.

No downloads needed, totally web based, works on all consoles, amazing right?

Am I allowed to use a console VPN to play warzone 2?

Call Of Duty XBOX

Yes, you can use a vpn to play Call Of Duty, it is not against the cheating and abuse policy of Activision and you are allowed to use a VPN such as Gamevpns (console) and sbmmoff VPN (pc) to get into Call Of Duty bot lobbies.

How does a VPN help me get into bot lobbies in Call Of Duty?

VPNs such as Gamevpns work in a totally different way to a normal VPN ( like Noord for example ) which you use for browsing the internet, normal vpns will not help you get into esier lobbies. The Gamevpns vpn only sends the matchmaking portion of your game’s data over the VPN connection. This confuses the game into assuming that you are from a faraway country and somewhat helps to bypass skill based matchmaking. Also, it is worth saying that special warzone VPNs such as Gamevpns vpn will not increase your ping and your ping will remain low no matter what country you connect to on the VPN server list.

This is also another reason why nobody uses normal VPNs to play warzone. Everyone uses a low ping vpn such as Gamevpns vpn instead as it gives great latency and much more bot lobbies.

This technology is a real game changer for console players and levels the field when it comes to vpn usage in Call Of Duty games Vs PC players.

Do famous streamers and twitch streamers and content creators use VPNs like Gamevpns?

Yes, many of the tops streamers and content creators use Gamevpns Call Of Duty VPN for console, they are also sponsored by VPN companies.

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