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Call for Robust health through natural means to drive the Spirulina Market


Spirulina comes across as a highly eco-friendly and nutritional plant that has hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, and anti-hypertensive properties. The functional compounds contained in spirulina include phycocyanins, phenolics, and polysaccharides with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunostimulating effects. The end-users of spirulina-processing products include pharmaceuticals, food industry, agriculture, medicine, and perfumery. Intake of spirulina provides pigments, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phenolics, minerals, and vitamins.

Herein, the only constraint is that of ill-effects of climatic conditions on the cultivation of spirulina. Persistence Market Research has mentioned all these facts with insights in its latest market study entitled “Spirulina Market”.

How does the spirulina market disperse?

The global spirulina market, by form of product, spans powder, capsule and tablet, liquid, and gelling agent and granules. BY type of application, it’s nutraceutical, food and beverages, animal feed, cosmetics and spa treatment, and bio-fuel. By type, it’s arthrosppira maxima and arthrospira platensis. Out of these, arthreospira platensis dominates the market due to increasing preference for it. Also, nutraceuticals are expected to grow at the fastest rate in spirulina market in the next decade. Persistence Market Research has glanced through the facts related to spirulina market with future courses of action in its latest market research entitled “Spirulina Market”.

Region-wise Stab

North America holds the largest market share due to healthcare vertical continuously on the verge of improvisation. Plus, the people of the US are on spirulina adoption spree due to preference to naturally-derived food coloring agents. Europe is second seeded on the similar grounds. However, the Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the spirulina market going forward due to growing awareness regarding the use of natural coloring agents in food & beverage vertical. MEA is also expected to pick up pace with countries like South Africa initiating large-scale promotion of the spirulina supplements. The government is also coming up with schemes and strategies for creating awareness with regards to health benefits of spirulina. Persistence Market Research is all set to table the nitty-gritties of spirulina market in its latest market study entitled “Spirulina market”.

Competitive Landscape

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key players in spirulina market as Chr. Hansen A/S, Cyanotech Corp., DDW Inc., DIC Corporation, Dongtai City Spirulina Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd., Fuqing King Dnarmsa Spirulina Co., GNC Holdings, Inc., GNT Holding B.V., Now Health Group Inc., Sensient Technologies Corp., and likewise. These players are into organic as well as inorganic modes of expansion for strengthening their foothold in the market. These include mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, joint ventures, and new variety launch.

The Way Ahead

The global spirulina market is bound to grow notably in the next 10 years – Persistence Market Research.

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