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Call for controlled airflow to boost the demand for Automotive Active Grille Shutter

Active Grille Shutter maRKET

According to Persistence Market Research, the global automotive active grille shutter market will grow at the rate of 7.8% between 2021 and 2031.

An advanced, real-time mechatronic system with automatic closing and opening shutters is mandatory to allow calculated airflow. Automotive active grille shutters thus facilitate improved fuel economy. Harmful emissions could also be curtailed. The automakers are also putting their best foot forward with regards to reduction in air drag, thereby adhering to the regulations related to vehicle emissions. At the same time, it needs to be noted that higher manufacturing cost is bound to hamper the same market in the forecast period. The first-time purchasers also get perplexed with the growing cost of fuel. So, it’s of utmost importance to achieve better fuel efficiency. This is where automotive active grille shutters come to the rescue.

What does Segmentation have to say?

The global automotive active grille shutter market, by vehicle, spans passenger cars (luxury, SUV, mid-size, and compact), light commercial vehicles, and he commercial vehicles. BY shutter, it’s non-visible and visible. Vane-wise, it’s vertical and horizontal. By sales channel, it’s OEMs and aftermarket. Out of these, passenger cars hold the largest market share. This could be attributed to maximum utilization in the form of mid-size, SUV, luxury, and compact passenger cars.

Region-wise Slingshot

North America is at the matured stage of the automotive active grille shutter market, followed by Europe. However, the Asia-Pacific is expected to grow at the fastest rate herein in the next 10 years. LATAM and MEA will also not be behind. In the Asia-Pacific, demand is likely to exceed the supply, thereby generating lucrative opportunities for automotive active grille shutter market in the near future.

The Competitive Landscape

The key players in automotive active grille shutter market include Shape Corporation, Magna International Inc., SRG Global Inc., Techniplas LLC, HBPI GmbH, Roechling Automotive, Valeo SA, Mirroe Controls International, Sonceboz SA, Batz Group, Aisin Corporation, Yamaguichi Starlite Co., Ltd., Keboda Chongquing Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd., and Johnson Electric.

Roechling Automotive has its shutters adjacent to the vehicle’s front end that does adjust air resistance as per existing driving situation. On closing these shutters, resistance is lesser. This, in turn, reduces emissions of carbon dioxide. Also, on opening of air flaps, grille shutters let maximum cooling, which happens through engine’s compartment.

What Further?

Extensive demand for superlative performance of vehicles asks for reduction in aerodynamic drag. As such, automotive active grille shutter market would never be at an amateur stage in the forecast period.

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