Call for astuteness with Micromachining to boost the demand for waterjet cutting machine consumables

With micromachining and precision cutting taking the centre-stage in the fabrication industry, there is nothing to stop the waterjet cutting machine consumables market from growing. End-users prefer abrasive waterjet cutting due to the feasibility rendered in using it.

How does the Waterjet Cutting Machine Consumables Market Disperse itself?

The waterjet cutting machine consumables market, by product, spans nozzles, abrasives, water filters, gratings, focus tubes, and likewise. Application-wise, it’s pure and abrasive. End-use-wise, it’s metal fabrication, automotive, ceramics, and electronics. Out of these, nozzles holds the largest market share, followed by water filters. Amongst the end-users, it’s automotive and electronics ruling the roost. Persistence Market Research has put forth these findings and the probable strategies on this count in its market study entitled below.


North America and Europe hold a significant market share due to the US, Russia, and Germany holding the baton. Coming to the Asia-Pacific, it’s China growing at the fastest rate between 2021 and 2031. It has been observed that cost of nozzles and abrasives has increased on the significant count due to higher cost of raw materials. LATAM and MEA are also expected to catch up going forward. These facts along with insights are well-explained by Persistence Market Research in its market study entitled “Waterjet Cutting Machine Consumables Market”.


What’s with the competitors?

Persistence Market Research has profiled the waterjet cutting machine consumables market as follows:

  • Kennametal Inc.
  • Flow International Corporation
  • OMAX Corporation
  • GMA Garnet Pty. Ltd.
  • Wardjet Inc.
  • Hypertherm Inc.
  • TECHNI Waterjet
  • Jet Edge, Inc.
  • KMT Waterjet
  • Opta Minerals Inc.
  • Kimblad Technology AB
  • H2O Jet
  • Diamond Technology Innovations, Inc.
  • Barton International Inc.

Persistence Market Research has not missed out on mentioning that KMT has its waterjet UHPs (ultra high pressure intensifier pumps) with water that is pressurized close to 90K PSI|6.200 bar. It, in May 2021, came up with the NEW KMT waterjet cut calculator 2.0 app. As of now, this calculator does incorporate 25 materials, and makes available a broader range of horsepower, substrate thickness, abrasive rates, and orifice size. Moreover, CERATIZIT USA, Inc., in June 2021, announced 100% acquisition of Best Carbide Cutting Tools, LLC. The organization manufactures carbide round cutting tools. SHAPE, in February 2021, did acquire Riverstone Waterjets to rechristen itself as RPS (Riverstone Pressure Systems).

The global waterjet cutting machine consumables market will have its growth parameters dictated by massive adoption by the developing economies – Persistence Market Research.

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