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BYOD And Enterprise Mobility Market: Video Streaming, Broadband Demand And Increasing Data Traffic Contribute To The Growth Of BYOD Services Market.

BYOD Services Market

The major contributing factor for the growth of the market for Video Streaming Software can be the rise of need for growth of mobile and broadband services and increasing data traffic, which resulted to the facilities of BYOD services in enterprises, making work easier for their employees.

The  BYOD and Enterprise Mobility is expected to grow from USD 37.6 billion in 2018 to USD 74.9 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 10.4% during the forecast period. Growth of mobile and broadband services, increase in data traffic, increasing need for productivity and employee satisfaction and reduction in hardware costs of organizations are some of the driving factors of the market. Some other factors contributing to the growth of this market are increase in adoption of BYOD and extensive opportunities in cloud based solutions.

Device management security risks, security concerns regarding information, up gradation and lack of system integrators complexity and issues in selecting the correct enterprise mobility and BYOD solution may restrain the growth of the BYOD and Enterprise Mobility market.

Players will require increased investments to tackle these restraints and facilitate growth in the coming years. This report comprises drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges pertaining to the  BYOD and Enterprise Mobility; and extensive value chain analysis, patent analysis, analysis of the current manufacturing capability and technology status, commercialization potential in different devices, along with market size forecasts till 2026.

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Market Overview:

Economic, societal, and interpersonal transactions and exchanges are all facilitated by information and communication technology (ICT). People’s working, communicating, learning, and living styles have all changed dramatically as a result of information and communication technology. Furthermore, ICT continues to alter all aspects of human life, as computers and now robots perform many of the duties previously performed by humans. For example, computers used to answer phones and direct calls to the proper personnel to react; currently, robots can not only answer calls, but they can also fulfil callers’ service needs more swiftly and efficiently.

ICT’s contribution to economic development and corporate expansion has been so significant that it has been credited with ushering in what has been dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution by many.

ICT also drives societal transformations, as people move away from personal, face-to-face contacts and toward digital connections. The Digital Age is a word used to describe this new era.

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