By the Builders for the Builders, Archethic Lab is Launched for Developers

ARCHEthic Blockchain Launches Archethic Lab

World’s fastest, carbon-neutral blockchain network Archethic, in an effort to build a community-led model has made the Archethic Lab web portal. The website will contain links to Archethic’s mainnet beta and testnet, regular video tech updates, and a series of tools and documentation that make it easier for new users and developers to join the project’s growing ecosystem.

“We’re embracing the spirit of community-led scalable initiatives with an open invitation to developers looking…to get involved with from an early stage,” said Chairman of Archethic Foundation, Sebastien Dupont.“This initiative is led by Web3 builders for Web3 builders. With Archethic’s highly scalable blockchain being perfectly primed for real-world use in high-traffic use-cases such as content publication (or website hosting), mailing solutions…”

Dupont also expressed that he and the team are very excited to see how the project will develop and grow as blockchain and cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream.

Developer tools will include a testnet faucet, website development tool, blockchain explorer and, last but not least, the mobile wallet. The Archethic Mobile Wallet supports transactions of Archethic’s $UCO tokens and is also compatible with NFT transfers on the Archethic testnet.

The wallet is also very secure. For example, should a user delete their wallet from their device, funds will not be lost as long as they still have their original 24-word mnemonic recovery password. Just keep the password safe and handy, preferably on an analog or offline format for the highest level of security.

For Android devices, a GitHub page is available with APKs for downloading the mobile wallet. The page also sports a repo for any developers to make their own wallets and a beta of the web app wallet.

As for the three other tools, they all come with a comprehensive series of documentation (in both video and written form), to make it easy and convenient to learn the ropes.

Beacon Explorer is a blockchain explorer that makes it possible to examine the “beacon chains”. They are used to synchronize and coordinate within the Archethic network. Archethic uses a unique consensus protocol called ARCH that operates through many grouped beacon chains in parallel, with each chain being made of blocks containing a validated transaction each. The ARCH consensus protocol allows Archethic to function at breakneck speeds, capable of processing almost a million transactions per second.

The Archethic testnet comes with a UCO faucet that provides 100 $UCOs at a time, strictly for testing. Developers looking to build DApps that work with UCO will find it easy to build their own projects without having to burn a hole in their own personal wallets just to validate code. In addition, Archethic is cost-efficient and eco-friendly, making the UCO faucet another step toward conserving resources of all kinds.

To help developers create and deploy websites on the blockchain, lastly, there is AEWeb. Many websites get made globally, but security risks and maintenance costs make it prohibitively dangerous and expensive. Thankfully, Archethic is a top choice thanks to its decentralized security layer on par with aviation security standards.

AEWeb is a simple, single solution to creating websites at a fraction of the total cost without having to worry about the possibility of security breaches or hacks.

About Archethic Public Blockchain

Archethic is a highly scalable, tamper-proof Blockchain with scalability greater than 1 Million TPS, and a validation time of fewer than 5 seconds. The blockchain has the capacity to handle up to 90% maliciousness, 3.6 billion times less energy consumption than Bitcoin, and 0.1% of the transaction fees.

The platform aims to replace and improve all current applications with a comprehensive and open ecosystem, allowing people to move from the trust imposed by centralized to decentralized systems while keeping identity and privacy under the control of the user.

With Archethic, you can access your identity but no one owns it. The security and threat issues that centralized systems pose helped us realize that self-sovereign identity is needed now more than ever. An Open Source autonomous & Decentralized network in the hands of the world population created by the people, for the people.

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