Bware Labs and Itheum Join Forces to Empower Data Ownership and Privacy-Preserving Identity Technologies in Web3

Data Ownership and Privacy-Preserving Identity Technologies in Web3

Bware Labs and Itheum have joined forces to provide a new level of decentralized infrastructure services to Web3 users. Itheum, a decentralized data brokerage technology, has partnered with Bware Labs, a leading decentralized infrastructure service provider, to enhance the performance and resilience of its suite of tools. The partnership also aims to bring privacy-preserving identity technologies and empower data ownership on the decentralized web.

As part of the collaboration, Itheum is integrating Bware Labs’ flagship product, Blast API, into its multi-chain protocol platform. Blast is a decentralized, multichain, API platform, featuring the fastest and most reliable blockchain access to the most relevant networks in the space. The integration will enable Itheum to provide its users with the ability to look up and aggregate on-chain user data seamlessly across all of Itheum protocol’s data and identity solutions.

The goal of this integration is to enable Web3 users who are active on multiple blockchains to aggregate their data and identity. Via the Itheum protocol, users can take ownership of this aggregated, multi-chain data footprint, which will allow them to share their data with third parties and earn rewards in return. All of this will be done with the user’s consent, ensuring complete control over their data and identity.

Mark Paul, CEO and Co-Founder of Itheum, stated, “Our partnership with Bware Labs and integration of Blast API is an exciting step for Itheum. Blast API’s fast and reliable multi-chain infrastructure services will enable us to provide our users with better solutions that help them take control over their Web3 data and identity.” Flavian Manea, CEO and Co-Founder of Bware Labs, adds, “Through our partnership with Itheum, we support their mission to power up the next generation of dApps built using personal data. And so, we continue to build towards our purpose of empowering Web3 development and offering Web3 users everywhere reliable and highly performant decentralized infrastructure solutions.”

The partnership between Itheum and Bware Labs represents a significant step forward in the decentralized web, empowering data ownership and privacy-preserving technologies. 

About Bware Labs

Bware Labs is a one-stop shop for all the tools the Web3 players need, servicing both builders, as well as enterprises, blockchains and App Chains. The company aims to tackle Web3 challenges and boost global adoption by offering the industry’s highest-performance and most reliable infrastructure services and development tools.

​​About Itheum

Itheum is the world’s 1st decentralized, cross-chain data brokerage platform. The company empowers data ownership in the Web3 and Metaverse ecosystems and creates new market value for users’ data by providing “decentralized data brokerage” technology.

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