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Buying Used Machinery with Consignment Service


Hundreds of small businesses close up shop every year in Canada and the USA. Some people sell their small businesses and move on with their lives. They can either sell their businesses to a competitor or a larger company. A successor can also take over the business. It is impossible to know what these small business owners will do with their businesses, especially when there is no clear successor. 

There is, however, a bigger problem in 2022. It is becoming rare to find blue-collar workers. In the past 20 to 30 years, there were so many blue-collar workers. Blue-collar businesses are profitable. However, a lot of blue-collar businesses are closing their doors every year. Once the primary owner of the business retires, the business closes its doors. 

Blue-collar businesses invest in different types of machinery and equipment. It is, therefore, difficult to know what to do with the machinery and equipment once the business closes its doors. It is best to advertise them and try to sell them. It is still possible to sell used machinery and equipment using

Auction Your Machinery 

If you want to vacate your rental property as soon as possible and you want to sell your used machinery and equipment fast, you should try to auction them. It is best to look for an appraiser before you auction your machinery. Make sure the appraiser is AMEA accredited. The appraiser can give you an estimate of your machinery and equipment. 

Once you get an estimate, you can now look for an auctioneer. Make sure the auctioneer has years of experience in these auctions. If the auctioneer focuses on real estate auctions, you would not want them to help you auction your machinery and equipment. They do not have experience in selling machinery and equipment. 

Picking the right auctioneer can make a huge difference. It is essential to ask potential auctioneers about their marketing plans. If an auctioneer does not have a marketing plan for pushing out your auction to the general public, then the auctioneer may not help you sell your machinery. If you want your auction to succeed, the auctioneer must create a marketing plan for promoting your machinery and equipment

It is not easy to understand the auction world. It is best to work with reputable and credible auctioneers. They can help you sell your second-hand machinery and equipment. 

List Your Machinery 

If you are not in a rush to sell your machinery, or you have to sell a few machines and equipment, or you believe you can sell these machines yourself, then you can sell the machine yourself. You do not have to use an auction to sell your machinery if you believe you can get the best price for your machinery. You will, however, need to market your second-hand machinery to let people you are selling them. 

One of the best places for selling surplus or used machinery on the internet is Surplus Record. You will not pay a commission. You will only pay one cheap monthly fee to list your machines on their website. They will also list your machinery on their monthly printed catalog of machinery for sale.   

If you do not put your machinery and equipment in print or online, then you are less likely to sell it. Do not try to sell your machinery locally. Why? You can get less cash for your machinery. It is best to advertise your machinery and equipment nationally. Surplus Record can, therefore, help you advertise your machine nationally. If you list your machinery on Surplus Record, you will be allowed to upload a video of your machinery, 10 photos of your machinery, and more. 

It is, however, difficult to create the titles and descriptions of your listing and set up your photos. It is even harder to pick the right keywords. You need to use the correct keywords to make it easy for potential buyers to find your machine online. It is also crucial to select the correct machinery category. Luckily, you do not have to do all these tasks. Surplus Record can handle all these tasks on your behalf. You will just provide the photos of your machine and the information on your file. Surplus Record will take care of everything. 

You will get a customized page with the name of your company. You can, therefore, share your web page on your social media profiles. Your unique web page has the logo of your company, the information about your machinery for sale, and the information about your company. You can even send your web page to potential buyers. Potential buyers will visit your web page to check out your machinery and equipment for sale. 

How to Quickly Sell Your Machinery for the Best Price 

Research Prices and Industry Trends 

Visit Surplus Record to contact the dealers in your local area to know more about pricing. Remember, the addons or attachments on your machine can affect pricing and demand. The “For Sale” on Surplus Records is a free service. You can use this free service to sell your machinery for fast cash. The SR dealers can buy your machinery on the spot. You can use this service if you need to get rid of your machinery and equipment as soon as possible. 

Refurbish or Clean Your Second-Hand Machinery 

Clean your second-hand machinery and equipment before taking your photos. If you have been upgrading your machinery, provide the information about the upgrades.

Choose a Proven Selling Strategy 

You can either auction your used machinery or sell it on the internet. It is easy and fast to sell second-hand machinery through an auction. However, you can get a lower price in an auction. It takes longer to sell your second-hand machinery on the internet. However, you can get a better price online. 

Provide Enough Information 

If you have the manual of your machine, you should provide it. 

Make Sure Your Machine is in Good Condition 

Grow Your Email List 

It is easy to sell used-second machinery to your email subscribers. If you grow your email list, you can sell your machinery to your email subscribers. Surplus Record has over 140,000 email subscribers. The people in their email list are potential buyers in Canada and the USA. 

Contact Your Current Customers 

Once you close your business, you can sell your machines to your current customers. Do not let your machinery and equipment go to waste. People are always looking for second-hand machinery and equipment. It is, therefore, easy to find potential buyers of your machinery and equipment.

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