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Buying real estate in Aventura: things to be ready for

Aventura is considered one of Miami’s most livable and affluent neighborhoods. The coastal suburb in northwest Miami attracts foreigners with its tranquility and ideal shopping. In 2010, more than 35 thousand people lived in Aventura. Now the population only rises as the neighborhood offers a wide range of beneficial real estate to any taste. Property for sale in Aventura in 2022 is not only a comfortable living place but a profitable investment as well. Let`s dive into the atmosphere of Miami`s city and its peculiarities.

The history of the neighborhood of Aventura

Once upon a time, Aventura was a swamp. By the seventies of the twentieth century, the borders of the city were expanding. Now the former swampy land has been transformed into a luxurious shopping center and urban area with rich tropical vegetation.

Historically, the area was called Turnberry, but after becoming a county, it became known as Aventura. In Spanish, Aventura means adventure. The neighborhood was named after one of the developers of the condominium group, and the name was later used in the name of the popular shopping mall. The former name was retained by the luxurious Turnberry Isle Hotel. Respectable houses and modern high-rises with luxury apartments are a brief description of the area. Only pleasant surprises await the tourists here in the form of a quiet luxury holiday in an area of complete comfort.

A short 30-minute drive from Downtown Miami brings you serenity and comfort: perfectly mowed lawns, and locals chatting leisurely at tables in outdoor cafes. Surprisingly, the neighborhood’s popular shopping mall is an island of cleanliness, safety, and tranquility. The neighborhood is known not only for its tranquility and comfort but also for its upscale entertainment.

Golf is one of the most popular activities

The famous city of the USA welcomes all types of visitors. Most of them are attracted by an outstanding opportunity to experience a real golf game on a perfect course. The coolest 18-hole courses are offered by Turnberry Isle Resort, with profiled fairways, and clever barrel curves, amid cascading waterfalls and elaborate elevation changes. The courses are of a caliber that can thrill any high-end golf club regular. The Elizabeth Ardenne PGA and LPGA Championships are held here. Turnberry Isle golf courses are appreciated by locals and visitors to Miami Beach. Beginning players offer lessons. Between tee times, the Cascata Grill serves up a meal from an esteemed chef.

Marine activities in Aventura

It is impossible to come and especially to live in Aventura and not experience various water activities. The area provides impressive entertainment activities for any taste. Here you can enjoy the following:

–       to admire the sunset from the deck of a yacht,

–       spend a great day on a boat,

–       take a walk in a kayak, the

–       rent a sparkling yacht and sailboat,

–       spend vacations and romantic outings on a vessel,

–       themed parties, catering, photography and videography, and musical accompaniment.

The Turnberry Isle Marina Yacht Club at the Turnberry Isle Miami Hotel is the most interesting. Hotel guests, yacht club customers, and those who prefer to live on a boat are entitled to use the pool, tennis court, and pool café.

Aventura is home to the Gulfstream Park Racetrack & Casino entertainment center. More than 800 slot machines, 20 poker tables, and 17 great cafes and restaurants are available in the open air. Nearby is a shopping center with stores, boutiques, nightclubs, and everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Artistic attractions and shopping opportunities

Performances and various cultural events are held regularly in Aventura. In the winter season, people come here to listen to classical music in the traditions and cultures of the people of the world. Legendary and trendy musicals, theater productions, creative meetings and musical evenings, concerts, and shows are offered to audiences by the Arts and Culture Center.

Shopping opportunities impress as well. Aventura is a real paradise for shopping lovers. The area’s main attraction is the Aventura Mall, which is home to 6 famous department stores and about 300 stores. It is not only a shopping destination; it is a popular venue for events and shows of all sizes and styles. There are 10,000 free parking spaces for motorists.

Real estate in Aventura

Real estate in Aventura in 2022 may be called one more popular attraction. Foreign investors are eager to invest in the city of Miami due to its high rental income and favorable living conditions. These features make property in Aventura extremely beneficial and demand.

If looking for a suitable housing option, look through the amenities and equipment included. As a rule, houses, and apartments in Aventura consist of the following amenities:

–       Mediterranean Revival architecture

–       Bay and city views from private terraces

–       3 meters high ceilings

–       Pre-wired satellite TV

–       Telephone outlets for high-speed internet

–       Amenities package including full-size dryer and washer

–       Solarium and resort-style pool

–       Fitness center and spa

–       Children’s activities and classes

–       Media room and business center

–       Concierge service

–       Valet parking and covered parking

–       24-hour security

Property prices in Aventura

Aventura is open to foreigners with any budget. The area provides housing units at prices ranging from $265,000 to $8,3 million.

The price greatly depends on location, footage, amenities, and other important characteristics. Still, the chance to find the real estate of your dream is extremely high, with qualified help especially.

Find the property of your dream in Florida.Real estate

To find stylish and comfortable property in Aventura, it is advisable to visit the website Florida.Real estate. Constantly updated information, trusted real estate agencies, and beneficial housing options are provided on the website. Adjust the settings, choose the necessary characteristics, and look through a comprehensive number of variants.

Buying real estate abroad is an important step. Be confident with your choice.

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