Buying Diamonds With Crypto: E-Jewels Integrates Swapin E-Com Widget To Accept Crypto On-Site

Buying Diamonds With Crypto

Diamonds invoke emotions and memories. They say a diamond is forever. They also say a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Diamonds are also among the hardest naturally occurring substances here on earth, giving them a symbol of longevity and success.

It is for these reasons that crypto investors are increasingly seeking to purchase luxury jewelry and diamonds either as a sign of wealth, gifts to loved ones, or as a way to diversify investments in a gem that lasts longer than a lifetime.

However, crypto holders either would have to convert funds into cash to pay for such goods or hope that a trustworthy online jeweler accepts cryptocurrencies. With the recent addition of the Swapin E-Com widget on the premium online jeweler E-Jewels’ website, this scenario is now a very convenient reality for the crypto community.

E-Jewels Partners With Swapin For Various Crypto Solutions

Tallinn, Estonia-based jewelry retailer E-Jewels earlier this year revealed its plan to accept crypto payments for diamonds, wedding and engagement rings, bridal sets, gifts, and other high-end jewelry. The plan first introduced the Swapin B2B solution CoinCollector to E-Jewels’ customer base, offering a convenient payment link that comes pre-filled with all transaction details to make paying in cryptocurrencies easy.

E-Jewels would benefit from allowing its customers to pay via crypto and reach a new audience of potential customers who are seeking to pay with digital assets. At the same time, E-Jewels wouldn’t have to worry about crypto-related compliance or the notorious volatility associated with the asset class – Swapin solutions handle it for them.

CoinCollector And E-Com: Why E-Jewels Chose Swapin

“Swapin solutions allow us to create revenue streams we couldn’t previously reach due to distance or because there wasn’t previously an easy way to accept cryptocurrencies from our customers,” E-Jewels CEO Henrik Hald explained in a past interview where he also revealed the company’s intent to use another Swapin B2B product, E-Com.

“We are excited to leverage E-Com in the future along with whatever Swapin comes up with next,” he revealed. Hald followed through with his statement, partnering with Swapin yet again for the E-Com widget. The E-Com widget is an easy-to-implement tool that allows any online storefront to accept cryptocurrencies from users. Like other Swapin solutions, the funds are instantly converted into euros and deposited into E-Jewel’s bank account.

Swapin Caters To Both B2B And B2C Segments

Swapin solutions make accepting cryptocurrencies as a business a reality. Companies, even those based in crypto like miners or NFT artists, require some type of cash flow to operate. Bills must be paid; employees need salaries and more. Not only does Swapin create solutions for businesses to accept crypto like those that E-Jewels rely on, but Swapin also bridges the gaps in other areas of the traditional financial world.

For example, businesses can use Predefined payments and InstaPay to pay for products, services, subscriptions, bills, and even salaries. Or, if they simply want regular access to cash without all the hassle, InstaFill lets users send crypto to a wallet that instantly converts the funds into euros and sends it to a connected bank account.

Swapin Bridges The Gap Between Crypto And Traditional Finance

Swapin has plenty more planned for the future according to the company’s ambitious roadmap, which it recently shared on its official blog. The roadmap includes the new InstaBuy solution for crypto purchases, new crypto assets, an Electronic Money Institution license, and a virtual IBAN implementation.

Swapin recently refreshed its app to better align with the company’s momentum, which is helping the brand gain attention in both B2B and B2C segments. Swapin has also recently partnered with real estate giant RE/MAX and investment firm Aufort gold. And with solutions that are connecting crypto with traditional finance like never before, it is easy to see why. Find out for yourself at the official Swapin website.

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