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Soon after retail song investors broke over a 20% annual yield return with their second residual payout from shared streaming revenue, paid out from BuyBuy Music. The company states that it plans to expand their featured music catalog for consumers to invest in.


Currently, music consumers are purchasing into a catalog consisting of (5) songs, which grants them a lifetime shared interest into the streaming right of the songs. Like many consumers of music that are foreign to the money side of today’s music industry. Each time consumers listen to a song on a streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube Music and many more), the platform has to pay the creator and/or label for the use of the song on their platform.


New Platforms such as Dj 3Lau’s Royal App, Basenote & BuyBuy Music, act as a streamlined bridge for music consumers to become investors of songs and share streaming revenue with the artists.


BuyBuy Music is the only platform with the unique method of allowing consumers to purchase into a catalog (a group of songs) at an introductory price of $34.


On November 10, 2022, the company’s founder Paul Brown, also known as itsPaulBrown announced that the platform will expand beyond the (5) songs that the catalog consists of now. No details as to the amount of songs the catalog will expand to, nor any rise in price have been stated thus far. Fortunately, those that already bought in would find this is as amazing news because once a music consumer buys into the catalog, they do not have to pay for any additional songs that become added to the catalog overtime.


One mention pertaining to the catalog expansion was that amid the recent headlines around Ye (formerly known as Kanye West). A powerful song titled “Rockets” by Radio 3000, an internationally known recording artist, could be one of the next to onboard into the catalog. Radio 3000 millions of streams amongst song titles consisting of “One I love” (16 MM streams on Spotify), “Samething  Everynight” (3 MM YouTube Views), and “No Cap” (150k streams on Spotify) are just a few to name. The multi-talented recording artist has worked with major artists such as The Game, Bate, Daboyway, Big Calo and many more.


This could be a sign that BuyBuy Music is looking to exceed the Annual Yield Return it has already reached, by going into 2023 in a strong way. If the catalog continues to expand, all trends support a major upside for music consumers that buy into the catalog. As of now, the catalog method is most similar to the method in which record labels operate under.


In addition to the expansion of the catalog, the company has indicated that there is a high focus to make significant advances with its backend technology. When asking Paul, “Due to the entire investing concept being completely brand new to both music artists and music consumers, the technology side pertaining to both front and backend, is extremely instrumental in many ways and will require unique development phases”.










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