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Buy Forex Travel Cards for International Travel

If you take frequent international trips, whether because of work or to take a break from a hectic life, you probably rely on your credit card and carry a big wad of cash while traveling abroad. But in doing so, you end up with the worries of added markup fees on the exchange rate along with foreign transaction fees while using your credit card.

The solution? A prepaid forex Card. Forex card is the card for international travel because it provides more than just the ability to pay in foreign currency. It comes with other exciting benefits and privileges like insurance, protection against foreign rate fluctuation, ATM withdrawal facilities, and more.

Here’s why you should buy a forex travel card for your international trips. 


Effortless Payments at Various Locations

If you are a frequent traveler, finding ways to make your life easier is vital. You can do this by using a multi-currency forex card for international travel. With these cards, you will not have to worry about exchanging money or paying high fees when purchasing in foreign countries.

A multi-currency forex card will allow you to pay in pre-loaded currency without being charged conversion fees that can add up quickly. You will also not have to worry about the risk of carrying cash while traveling abroad. 

A forex card carries the same features as a regular credit card but includes a prepaid currency balance and your available credit limit.

You can use your multi-currency forex card to withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases at stores and online. In addition, the prepaid balance will be updated with the day’s current exchange rate, so you are always aware of your remaining balance.


Seamless Reload

Carry various foreign currencies on a single travel card to engage in a cashless experience overseas—enjoy the ability to transact in 14 different currencies.

Instead of utilizing your foreign debit/credit cards with a higher FX rate for high-value transactions, you can transfer and reload your Forex card through the bank’s online portal. So, on a business day, you will have a frictionless transfer in a few hours at a 5–10% lower cost than your credit card.


Locked-in Exchange Rates

There is no reason to worry about losing money due to fluctuating currency rates. You can lock down the exchange rate when a new currency is added to save money on conversion fees.

Highly Secure

Forex cards are easy to manage and offer you the highest level of security compared to cash. With a built-in security chip and PIN technology, you don’t have to worry about unauthorized transactions on your card. Moreover, even if your card is stolen or lost, you can immediately contact the bank via the banking app and block the card.

Besides, you will receive an SMS alert or notification on every transaction, allowing you to stay on top of any unauthorized use and maximize security. 

Quick ATM Withdrawals

Need cash to pay for your purchases abroad? Use your forex card to make hassle-free ATM withdrawals. The card, when inserted in ATM, will automatically detect your wallet and ask you to withdraw cash in the local currency.

Wrap Up

Now you don’t have a reason to worry about foreign exchange rates and added cross-currency markup. Travel with convenience with a multi-currency forex card. With this, you can enjoy an incredible journey without problems. 

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