Business Revolutionization With Digital Transformation Experts

Business Revolutionization With Digital Transformation Experts

A Mckinsey Global Institute report claims that by 2030, Al and automation will create 20-50 million jobs globally. The technology professions are expected to rise by 129% in India, 50% in China, 59% in Germany, 15% in Japan, 27% in Mexico, and 34% in the US. That’s how digitally evolved our landscape is. 

A   specializes in helping brands become efficient, effective, and profitable by utilizing varied digital techniques and processes. 

  • Automation – Automated systems have fewer errors than manual ones because they don’t require human intervention during operation. This reduces errors in reporting data as well as reducing the time spent on completing tasks manually (i.e., entering information into spreadsheets).

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the marketing automation software market in India was valued at approximately $224 million in 2020 and is projected to grow approximately $424 million at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8%. However, it’s important to note that market projections are subject to change based on various factors such as economic conditions and technological advancements. Marketing Automation is a holy grail for every marketer but not possible without perfect mastery of different marketing technology aspects. Initially, marketing managers or generalists are enough to manage large roles in an organization. But, after the revolutionization of digitalization or marketing technologies, businesses are practicing more use of inbound marketing or marketing technology efforts.  

  • Streamlining Processes – Processes that have been streamlined through digital solutions are often easier for employees to follow because they’re standardized across departments within an organization or company-wide if applicable; this means there’s less room for error when performing these tasks due to less confusion about how things should be done by each person involved in completing them successfully first time around every single time without fail no matter how many times before now might’ve failed before now due to lack thereof knowledge needed beforehand either way though now isn’t then any more so let’s just focus instead here instead 🙂

Note: The Future of Jobs Report 2020 states that by 2025 the job landscape will emerge to 97 million new jobs across 26 countries with a growing job demand in job profiles like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning specialists, digital marketing and strategy specialists, digital transformation specialists, software and application developers, process automation specialists, etc.   

TeqDeft can help you choose the right technology partners along with building a digital strategy that fits your goals along with ensuring compliance with the industry regulations. With TeqDeft, you can become efficient in operations, and gain a competitive edge in the industry with better customer experiences. 

Want to digitally transform your business? TeqDeft is here to make digital transformation a cakewalk for you.

From data analysis and insights, innovation strategies, and branding, to having dedicated time and resources for your strategy and roadmap development, we do it all.  

The best digital transformation agency at your doorstep!

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