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Business Lending as a Profitable and Flexible Business with Business Lending Blueprint

Business Lending Blueprint

“Business loan” is a term we know all too well after the pandemic. According to HudsonValley360, the Small Business Administration immediately announced up to $2 million in business loans in the wake up the crisis in March 2020, which snowballed into an estimated $296 billion by April 2020. Those loans have continued to roll out as conditions have continued. But even pre-pandemic, business loans have been a resource for many businesses facing significant financial hardship, or needing help getting off the ground. 

That is, if they can get them. Oz Konar is the founder of Business Lending Blueprint, which helps people start and grow six to seven figure businesses as business loan brokers. Konar shared that more than 80% of small businesses get denied on their business loan applications, which creates a significant need for small business founders to find the financial resources necessary to succeed. Enter: business loan brokerage. More and more entrepreneurs are building businesses in the business loan space to meet this need and build the business of their dreams.

It’s one of those business models where the abundance keeps giving. The mission of Business Lending Blueprint is twofold: to help individuals begin their own businesses as business loan brokers, which also helps more small businesses access the funds they’re looking for. It’s a success story, too – they’re the most results driven success platform in the alternative lending industry. 

How to Become a Business Loan Broker

The role of a business loan broker is, in itself, a profitable one – and gearing up to increase profit margins even more. When asked about 2021 and beyond for the business, Konar said “More and more small businesses need and will need funding either for growth, or survival or startup. Business Loan Brokers will be in the perfect position to supply that massive demand.”

Business Lending Blueprint trains individuals interested in becoming brokers with a fully integrative, support-filled curriculum to get them to open their doors for business within just a few months. 

“We equip our brokers with everything they need from online marketing strategies, to their own website, to one on one coaching so they can start generating revenue in as little as 30 to 60 days in their own business. They get access to an entire system that has been proven to help 100s of people reach 6 and even 7 figures in their businesses,” Konar explained.

Their system has been done and proven many times before, making it a seamless and supportive process for all new business loan brokers who are ready to surge to massive profits, no matter what their original jobs or businesses looked like.

Recession-Proof Business Model

It isn’t just the surge of demand or ability to create your own hours that makes being a business loan broker such a great option for business (although, Konar stresses that the ability for a work-life balance in a profession like this one is second to none). It’s the fact that it’s recession-proof. Think about it: no matter what happens with the economy in the near or distant future, entrepreneurs are always going to need business loans. In fact, an economy heading toward recession will only bolster the need for business loans, making business lending one of the few businesses that could actually benefit from a recession, while also helping others during financially tight times.

Startup Funding

It isn’t just recession or economic hardship that can propel need. More and more, new businesses are looking to business lending to provide the startup funding they’re looking for. While some businesses are able to call on friends and family to act as investors, and others go straight to the venture capital route, not all businesses have the same options. Bootstrapping can only get a business so far – and sometimes, just a small loan can be enough to keep a business afloat while it truly takes off, as a gateway to greater funding opportunities. 

It’s common knowledge that the very first round of funding is the hardest to secure from an investment standpoint. Investors don’t want to blindly take a chance on new businesses unless they’ve thoroughly proved that they can persistently perform with impressive profit margins, and business loans can bridge that gap. 

How Much Business Loan Brokers Make

These are just a few of the reasons why Konar says that becoming a business loan broker is one of the very best businesses you can start – aside from how lucrative this type of business can be. As for how much business loan brokers make, Konar’s students can and have successfully arrived in the 6-7 figure mark within months because of their exact ‘blueprint’ for online marketing and working with the entrepreneurs who need loans most.

What matters most to Konar and the team is freedom and empowerment – for the business loan brokers themselves, and also who they benefit. “Successful business owners don’t expect to balance or separate work from life, therefore their model is not so much work life balance, it’s work life integration,” Konar explained. “You work on your business when you need to work on your business and you attend your personal life whenever you are done with business related responsibilities or in between them vs waiting for a happy hour, TGIF mantra, or the concept of Saturday and Sunday being the official weekend days.”

Autonomy over what your life looks like and how you show up to work matters – and, all the while, loan brokers are providing this same flexibility and freedom to the entrepreneurs who truly need that first chance to get their business off the ground.

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