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Business Investor Brett Pittsenbargar: The School Of Hard Knocks Brings About A Radical Mission

Brett Pittsenbargar as an effective investor and consultant, helps business owners achieve their goals such as successful liquidity events and exit strategies. Brett will be sharing his wealth of experience with us in this interview.

You have a unique personal story. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Brett Pittsenbargar and I am a business investor. I recently launched my new business aimed at investing in small to mid-sized businesses to achieve goals and transition to the next major stage. Check out my website here:

I work with both well-managed thriving or distressed businesses assisting with a variety of pain points including growth, turnaround, sales, cashflow, exit strategies for retirement and safeguarding jobs. My success and track record of business development positions me to help owners sell their business or implement strategies to stimulate growth and keep existing employees happy.

Currently, I specialize in businesses that have been in operation for at least five years and have a revenue of $500K-$5M per year.

What is your mission?

I invest in small and mid-sized companies either through acquisition or partnership. I have always had a deep love for small business; those that have been built with passion. As a friend of mine says…”a business built with blood, sweat, and years.”

I love seeing what people have built and more importantly why they do what they do. I feel that so much of a business is lost once too many corporate confinements are instilled. There is magic and passion when a business can keep their identity AND grow.

Oftentimes businesses start to solve a problem but lose sight of their growth path. This is where I come in to help. I team up with experts to invest in and acquire or partner with small businesses. I am a back office geek who loves the fundamentals, the accounting, processes and implementation where most SMBs fall short. At the end of the day it’s all about job creation. There is no better therapy for this world than to have a job that you are proud of.

What is the normal workday like for you?

I am in meetings most of the day either by phone or in person. I really enjoy knowledge transfer with bright and edgy people. Most of my day consists of problem solving business issues and creating strategies to regain business focus.

What is the most important quality an investor can have?

The number one quality crucial to an investor’s success is trust. As a small business investor for over 20 years, I have worked with every type of business to help achieve goals and transition to the next phase, whether it’s creating exit strategies for retirement or selling the business. Trust and transparency are key throughout every step of the process as business owners rely on investors to create a successful outcome with their business and likely a lifetime investment.

What is your goal when buying a business?

Most business brokers and attorneys can be an impediment to a business sell. Only 10% of listed businesses actually sell and I’m here to buy the other 90%. I believe that most businesses have untapped value. I look through a different lens to find unrealized opportunities for business owners, which are oftentimes difficult to see when you are focused on daily business operations.  Sometimes, even the most subtle tweaks such as streamlining back office processes, merging with other companies, or carving out assets or IP is all that it takes.

What has been your biggest learning experience?

I’ve learned that your values have to be aligned with any investment or partnership. Investors can easily point to monetary loss as a “learning experience” but I feel that the biggest learning experiences arise when we are faced with hurdles that challenge and force us to become strategists and ultimately make us wiser. Expectation and reality should always align.

What entrepreneurs do you admire and why?

Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has done so much in his life; it is staggering. Not many people would think of him as an entrepreneur, but he has a colorful history of money making ventures.  Through failure and success, he continually gives back and leads by example illustrating how to use status for a good cause.

How can our readers reach you?

I am particular in who I work with, but enjoy talking shop with just about anybody! Visit or email me at

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