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Business Cyber Security – are your staff the weakest link?

Business Cyber Security

With industry giants like Boots, BA and the BBC being hit by hackers recently, you have to ask yourself, how easy is it for hackers to get into your devices?

The answer is, it’s too easy. And this means we need to not only be well prepared in terms of security software but also, be eternally on our guard. The hackers are savvy, so we must be too.

Focusing specifically on business cyber security, regardless of the size of your business, it’s imperative that you take steps to ensure your IT system is secure.

This means having a business email set up that includes spam and malware filters. With 95% of phishing attacks occurring via email i.e. someone – a person – having to physically click on an attachment or link, this means business email security should be a priority. Deploying an email security solution is one thing. However, training staff to spot malicious emails is another. Are your staff as cyber-aware when they’re at work as they are when using personal devices?

Having staff that are aware of what to look out for is a vital part of the cyber-security process. You cannot rely on software alone to do the job for you.

We recommend having cyber-awareness days for staff to help train them on how to spot phishing emails and what to avoid clicking on.

When it comes to cyber security, there is a substantial tick list that every business should go through to mitigate any risk. It can be overwhelming. However, there are experts out there who can assist you.

The first thing on the list should be a cyber security health check to assess what you currently use against what you need. Even the most cyber-savvy of us misses things and it’s amazing what gets picked up by an independent set of eyes. It allows you to immediately act upon anything that gets flagged up and puts your mind at ease.

There are many security products out there and it’s not always the best idea to use the basic packages that come with your software. Third-party ones, developed specifically for purpose, often do a better job, and a good IT provider will advise you about this.

MF Telecom Services, a leading IT support company based in Kent, has produced a five-step guide on free actions your business can take today to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack from Phishing emails.

With modern hybrid working practices, it is even more critical to have full security on your data and ensure staff understand the need to protect their devices by keeping them password-protected and only using secure Wi-Fi.

Backing up your data, avoiding phishing emails and smishing texts is an ongoing process. We have to try to remain one step ahead of the hackers who get more savvy by the day. It’s a huge headache for all business owners, regardless of the size of your organisation. Large or small, it doesn’t matter to the hackers. If they can get in, they will. By any means possible. They’ll steal passwords, clone emails, and get bank details and data. Having said that, you are not alone. Business IT providers are working harder than ever against this threat.

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