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Business Attorney Laura Cowan Launches New Website For Entrepreneurs

  • A new website is being launched by acclaimed business attorney Laura Cowan that will have tools and resources necessary for entrepreneurs seeking to start their own business
  • The website will be unique as it deals with both starting a business and the legal aspects involved
  • Women will be empowered and inspired to become entrepreneurs as made possible through the online courses

Laura Cowan is a successful business attorney, former CPA, and entrepreneur who is expanding her resources and capabilities to reach many business owners all around the world. After graduating law school and working at a small law firm, she opened her own practice in December 2016, which has garnered much praise. Equipped with hard-earned experience, Laura is expanding her brand, sharing her expertise and knowledge, and spreading an empowering message.

A Resource For Business Owners

This Spring, Laura will be launching a brand new website that will contain the essentials for business owners and entrepreneurs interested in having a legally sound business. The website will include a fully online business startup course with legal templates, training modules, and ongoing support. Alongside this, there will be many resources that entrepreneurs can use as they are starting out and need advice, support, and knowledge from someone who has undergone what they are experiencing. 

The nitty-gritty nature of being an entrepreneur and entering a world of law, LLCs, and business is something that Laura understands. This website will take entrepreneurs through the legal steps needed when starting a business as well as knowing and understanding the basics of contracts, trademarks, and business insurance. All of the legal ground will be covered so that entrepreneurs can comfortably enter the market on the right foot. 

Empowering Women As Business Owners 

Always focusing her attention on women’s rights, Laura has been passionate about helping women build a profitable business in a landscape that might not always cater to them and their needs. She understands how difficult it can be for a woman to build her own business, as she went through the process herself. But she exceeded the hardships, building a very successful career, and she is using that success to empower others.

Laura wants to be a resource for women who want to be a part of the business world; she wants to act as a beacon showcasing that anything is possible with the right guidance. With the help of her brand new website, women all around the world will have the opportunity to access key advice and lessons that would have been too expensive and difficult to obtain before.

This new website puts emphasis on women business owners and will include an online course similar to Marie Forleo’s B-School. The B-School is a 6-week course that teaches the importance of strategies needed to create an online presence. Laura’s course does a deep dive into the legal side of what is required, allowing her to cover a broader range of new topics for women who are aspiring entrepreneurs.

The online course will be easy to access and available worldwide so women can have peace of mind when it comes to the complex world of the law and starting their own business.

Laura’s Past Achievements And Awards

With so many years of experience and time spent studying, working, and starting her own business, Laura is no stranger to achievements and awards. These showcase that she is capable of delivering a website that will provide reliable information when it comes to starting your own business. 

Laura worked as a CPA at Ernst & Young and Goldman Sachs after college, which began her journey of obtaining much-needed experience. Afterward, she attended the University of Minnesota Law School, ranked one of the Top 20 law schools in the United States. After graduating, she worked at a small law firm before opening her own practice in New York City.

Clearly, Laura has had a good mix of experience, working at firms both big and small, and gathering knowledge as an attorney, CPA, and entrepreneur. All of these hard-earned jobs and lessons learned helped guide her on her own entrepreneurial path. This is why Laura will be able to provide the best possible advice and solutions, as it all comes from first-hand experience. 

In her working career, Laura ranked as the 2nd Best Estate Planning Attorney in New York by Yelp!, competing with over 800 lawyers for this award. Additionally, she has been named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers for three years in a row – 2019, 2020, 2021. This is only reserved for the top 2% of lawyers in New York. She has received over 75 “5-star” reviews online and has spoken to employees at UN Headquarters on estate planning for non-citizens.

Growing up with Star Wars as one of her favorite films, Laura is inspired to become a new hope for businesswomen around the world. She dreamed big and successfully shot for the stars. With her own law office and her Laura Cowan brand, she is more than capable of establishing a website that will inspire and educate women who may consider her a role model. 


With so many accomplishments already under her belt, Laura has no intention of stopping. Her awards and achievements are not only for herself but serve as a sign that other women can be empowered in the business world. With the help of her expertise and a new website that will launch soon, Laura is managing to expand her brand and share her knowledge with the world. 

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