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Burpees for Victory: How the Inspired Camp Gladiator Campaign is Raising Money and Changing Lives 

Raising Money and Changing Lives 

Since 2008, Camp Gladiator has been committed to helping people all over the country reach their fitness goals and live healthier, happier lives. Along with providing their customers with the guidance and resources they need to get in shape, Camp Gladiator is also committed to making the world a better place through a number of charitable projects – including the annual “Burpees for Victory” event.

How Camp Gladiator is Making Revenge Charitable

“Burpees for Victory” is a fun and creative week-long event where Camp Gladiator members have the chance to “get back” at their personal trainers and support a great cause at the same time. During “Burpees for Victory”, Camp Gladiator personal trainers will perform one burpee for every five dollars donated. 

If you’ve ever spent much time at the gym, you’ll know that burpees are one of the more exhausting exercises and the perfect choice for Camp Gladiator campers to reverse the roles and make CG Trainers the ones doing the sweating. Those who donate $100 receive a free limited edition Burpees for Victory t-shirt, along with the satisfaction of seeing their trainer do 20 burpees. 

And for those feeling especially generous/vindictive toward CG trainers, campers can donate $1,000 and be given the opportunity to give your personal trainer a good old-fashioned pie to the face!

Supporting a Wonderful Cause

While the chance to give personal trainers a taste of their own medicine is something that makes “Burpees for Victory” an especially interesting event, it’s the cause this event supports that is the utmost important. 

Every dollar raised by “Burpees for Victory” goes to support scholarships for in-need youth to attend CG Victory summer camp. For the elementary, middle, and high school students who receive these scholarships, the chance to attend Camp Gladiator Summer Camp is much more than just a fun way to spend a week of their summer; it’s a chance to make new friends, participate in team challenges, enjoy memorable experiences that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, and to escape the difficulties of life even if for a brief period of time. 

Relationships and fun are a big part of CG Victory’s summer camp, and CG offers a wide range of exciting activities for students to enjoy. By enabling kids from hard places to attend CG Victory’s summer camp free of charge, the funds raised via “Burpees for Victory” make these experiences accessible to those who will appreciate them the most.

This year’s “Burpees for Victory” event is scheduled to last from May 2 to May 11 at Camp Gladiator locations across the United States. Last year, the event raised nearly $740,000 in donations, and Camp Gladiator’s founders are hopeful that this year’s event will raise even more. 

If you would like to be a part of the “Burpees for Victory” event and donate to send kids from hard places to summer camp on scholarship, visit Don’t forget, you can always visit a Camp Gladiator location in your area to witness a CG Trainer doing burpees in action or sign up for a membership before the event is over! To sponsor this CG Victory event and show your support for the Burpees for Victory program, click here

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