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Bunicorn (BUNI) Enters the Top 15 MVBIII Program as NFT Game

Bunicorn, of Bunicorn Finance, is an intense DeFi game platform that aims to elevate DeFi and blockchain gaming experience to the next level. The project already has a well-developed ecosystem, featuring an AMM DEX, an NFT marketplace, and it offers access to gaming metaverse and NFT yield farming.

Its long-term goal is to become a dreamland for gamers and blockchain adopters. So far, it has managed to secure a lot of influential backers, as well as partnerships with some of the biggest names in crypto, such as the FTX exchange, Chainlink, CoinStats, DappRadar, and more.

Bunicorn Gets Listed Among MVBIII Monthly Stars for September

According to the project’s recent announcement, one of the biggest achievements that it saw over the last few days includes being listed as one of the top 15 MVBIII programs as an NFT game. It, alongside 14 others, were hand-picked among all Binance Smart Chain projects as some of the best that the BSC ecosystem has to offer.

Binance Smart Chain also shared on Twitter that the MVB program is now boosted with $200 million from the $1 billion fund that was announced recently. All in all, being recognized as one of the top projects is a huge achievement for Bunicorn and its developers, as well as its community, which definitely contributed to raising the awareness of the project, and potentially to its price growth.

Bunicorn Implements the Zero Gas Fee PVE Battle

Speaking of recent achievements, the project also just finished hosting its first Raid Boss Event, which was a huge success, according to the details it shared. The Raid Boss even was the 1st attempt to implement the zero gas fee battle. Bunicorn team understands that the amount of fees, whether high or low, can be a daunting problem that stops users from exploring the full potential of the GameFi world. Thus, obtaining BNB will no longer be a concern that stops users from specifically joining the Bunicorn Game.

Another way to help out its community that the project came up with recently is the implementation of the zero gas fee PVE battles. Essentially, with this change, users will no longer have to top up with BNB in order to play Bunicorn Game, which should make the game easier for new users to approach and play, and it should certainly make it more inviting and inclusive.

The game already offers a smooth user experience, and with the reduction of the gas fees for PVE battle to zero, it will be able to improve it even more. The event was highly recognized given that it was the first huge effort to ease blockchain barriers for mainstream players. The project itself is extremely pleased with the result, hoping for its community to have even more success in the future.


Bunicorn Finance has seen a major series of positive developments recently, and its price is starting to pick up on this. Projects like this are what makes DeFi and NFT sectors tied closer and closer to the growing gaming industry, and what makes crypto and blockchain gaming fun and exciting for everyone in their community.

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