BullionBlock LLC Launches New Decentralized Financial Service on Stellar Blockchain

BULLIONBLOCK LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative decentralized financial service aimed at providing increased security and privacy on the Stellar blockchain, a leading global network.

It is a well-known fact that one in four people worldwide lack access to banking services. Even those with banking access lack full control over their money as governments reserve the right to make authoritarian decisions.

In recent years, the frequent currency devaluations, inflation, and the impending global economic crisis is pushing the world towards a broken-down debt-driven global monetary system, a key problem that was highlighted by BULLIONBLOCK as far as back in 2018.

Thanks to Stellar Blockchain’s efficient and scalable technology, BullionBlock is here to ensure fast, efficient, and cost-effective transactions, making its service accessible to a diverse range of users worldwide. Their innovative platform empowers users by placing them in full control of their financial destiny.

By eliminating intermediaries, BullionBlock facilitates seamless peer-to-peer transactions, eliminating the need for expensive middlemen. This revolutionary approach enhances transparency and security and grants users unparalleled control over their financial assets and transactions.

BULLIONBLOCK has exciting plans for its stablecoin, the BRMB, which will go live on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), a decentralized and energy-efficient blockchain. The BRMB stablecoin was built and designed on Stellar and will be directly swappable with fiat Chinese Yuan 1:1 via the XRPL. Users can easily access BRMB stablecoins through any XRPL-enabled wallet.

Transactions on the XRPL are as fast as sending an email, with an average of 3-5 seconds per transaction, and low-cost, amounting to fractions of a U.S. cent per transaction. The BRMB stablecoin’s functionality on the XRPL empowers users worldwide to facilitate payments and trade with other XRP-based tokens through the native decentralized exchange.

“We are excited to launch our decentralized financial service on the Stellar blockchain,” stated Mark Propp, CTO of BullionBlock Pte. Ltd, the Singapore-based parent company. “Our service will provide users with enhanced control over their finances while harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology to deliver an unprecedented level of security and privacy.”

In addition to the new financial service, BullionBlock has formed a strategic partnership with, a renowned international remittance service provider.

“Our aim is to bring our customers the best of both worlds by offering enhanced financial services while expanding our global reach,” commented Tahir Saani, CEO of RemitAnywhere.

BullionBlock co-founder Michael Haykal expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership by saying, ”We are thrilled to welcome RemitAnywhere to the BullionBlock family. Their expertise in international remittances will enable us to broaden our range of services while upholding our commitment to security and privacy.”

With plans to launch the new decentralized financial service in Q4 2023, BullionBlock is poised to become a leading fintech provider, offering customers unparalleled security, privacy, and convenience.

For more information about the new service, please visit the BullionBlock Info Hub at

About Bullionblock

BULLIONBLOCK is a registered incorporated company in Singapore (BULLIONBLOCK Pte Ltd) with subsidiary companies in Hong Kong, Australia, the UK and USA. The Singapore holding company has set up a subsidiary company in Australia to establish the Crypto Mint Exchange as a DEX. The company is dedicated to maximizing profits for its shareholders and committed to the philosophy of People Before Profit. The company is set-up with a “People Before Profit”​ philosophy and invites all those concerned from worldwide to participate in this exclusive crowdfund, to raise the hard-cap (minimum capital required) for the roll-out of its Business Plan and establish a blockchain-based fintech service.





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