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Bullfinch AG is not resting on their oars of creating a world powered by renewable energy, with the introduction of their clean-energy-as-a-service technology platform further substantiating this claim. Led by the forward-thinking Robin Haack, the team at Bullfinch AG aims to create an all-inclusive gamechanger for local clean energy, bringing together all the different stakeholders, including project developers, investors, and lenders on one easy-to-use tech-driven platform.

“We want to lay the foundation for a market that will generate several hundreds of billions of euros in annual investment volumes in around 10 years. It is therefore important at this stage that we automate processes in cooperation with our partners,” said Bullfinch CEO and founder Robin Haack.

There has been an increasing call for clean energy solutions across the globe, as the world continues to experience the effect of climate change due to emissions. In a related development, the demand for renewable energy sources has practically skyrocketed in recent times, with more brands emerging to deliver solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of all categories of consumers. According to a recent report published by Allied Market Research, the global renewable energy market was valued at $928.0 Billion in 2017, with a projection that it will reach $1,512.3 Billion by 2025. Despite the amazing figures coming out of the market, more needs to be done concerning local clean energy infrastructure, which is where Bullfinch AG is looking to make a difference with their platform.

“We must remember how important the financial sector is. It decides which economic activities are carried out and which investments are made in innovations. In addition, it ultimately decides whether potentially extinct or socially threatening business models should continue. This power comes with a lot of responsibility,” Robin said.

Bullfinch AG aims to provide a solution to one of the biggest challenges faced by the renewable energy market – financing. The company specializes in financing clean energy projects, with a focus on local energy systems that achieve ESG goals for real estate owners and tenants, making it probably one of the most comprehensive solutions to meet the clean energy needs of relatively small communities.

The all-inclusiveness of Bullfinch, with the platform addressing energy generation to help enhance harnessing energy via heat pumps, solar PV, thermal, and even fuel cells, as well as energy storage, by promoting the development of state-of-the-art storage systems for residential and commercial-scale use cases. The Bullfinch clean-energy-as-a-service technology platform also addresses the issue of clean mobility by supporting building local charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and smart buildings equipped with IoT sensors to monitor and manage clean energy assets.

Bullfinch offers an opportunity for investors to tap into the rapidly growing clean energy market, making it easy for institutions to participate in the growth of the market, a hitherto impossible phenomenon. Businesses can scale by leveraging Bullfinch to provide green energy solutions to a larger audience and increase their conversion rate by lowering the barriers to entry for customers.

Other features and benefits of the Bullfinch initiative include decentralization to enable investors to leverage the megatrend and standardized portfolios, offering a blend of top-notch financial engineering merged with legal expertise and a tech-enabled infrastructure. The Fully ESG compliant Bullfinch solution leverages smart tech infrastructure to enable large-scale investing into decentralized assets, the first-of-its-kind, with the best possible risk-return ratio in the industry.

Robin Haack is bringing his expertise and wealth of experience garnered over several years as an international consultant and manager specializing in corporate and institutional banking, as well as wealth and asset management to the table with Bullfinch AG. Over the course of his career, he has worked with top institutions, advising leading financial services institutions in North and South America as well as several US asset managers, insurers, and brokers. Robin has also been involved in projects on regulation and risk in institutional banking. He founded Bullfinch in 2019 after noticing the gap in reliable financing for clean energy infrastructure projects to fully and reliably finance green energy projects of all sizes.

For more information about Bullfinch AG and the range of groundbreaking solutions from the company, visit – and LinkedIn.

About Bullfinch AG

Bullfinch AG, headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, was founded in 2019 by CEO Robin Haack. The company is committed to a world powered by renewable energy: Its clean-energy-as-a-service technology platform enables the aggregation, financing, standardization, and management of sustainable building and facility infrastructure to make this vision a reality. Bullfinch’s solutions span four verticals: Power Generation, Clean Mobility, Energy Storage, and Smart Buildings. Through partnerships with institutional investors and innovative energy hardware providers, they bridge the gap between capital and opportunity, enabling the accelerated global transition to clean energy.

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