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Building Web3 communities — Interview with Adam Westeren, Head of community growth for leading Web3 Marketing agency

In this interview, Adam Westeren shares his latest insights into the state of crypto communities and tips for how to grow a project and build communities in the web3 world.

“I started with investing in crypto around five years ago. I was fascinated by seeing how some communities surpassed and grew more than others during this time.

Where do these crypto communities exist? 

Crypto communities can be anywhere people can communicate and find people with the same interest. The most used platforms today are Discord, Telegram, Reddit and Twitter. My Personal favourites are Twitter and Discord. Twitter because it’s open and easier to understand the market sentiment, and Discord because it’s a great way to build relations with different key players in the community. 

What are the biggest challenges in community building?

I would say making a large group of people align their interests and goals to correlate with the vision of the project. This is a practice that needs to be felt all around the community and in all communication that happens—everything from press releases, AMAs and marketing overall.

What are your best two tips for succeeding with communities?

  • Use your community. 

Your community members want this project to succeed as bad as you want it to. Make them understand that they can help you and the project. See if they can help out in the community by greeting and educating new members. 

  • Be Transparent

With all of these rug pulls and pump and dumps schemes out there, it’s crucial to be transparent with your community. Make sure they feel safe and heard. 

Can you name some of your favourite communities out there?

It’s hard for me to get this question and not say Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). I love how passionate the community is about the project. Fully grown adults sitting in a voice chat and making ape noises. That to me is the key to a successful community. Of course, not every project should be making ape noises. It’s their dedicated community which is inspiring and a demonstration of what a passionate community looks like.

What are your future plans in the crypto & NFT industry over the coming years?

I’m excited about what is to come. As the head of community for Lunar Strategy, we are always thriving to better our strategies and resonate with an ever-evolving crypto world to provide communities with the best growth strategies in web3

Being the Head of Community for Lunar Strategy, I’m excited about what’s in store for the team and myself. Thriving to improve my strategies as a community expert is how I envision the future; resonating with an ever-evolving crypto-sphere to provide communities with the best growth strategies the web3 has to offer.

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