Building Ergo: Be a Part of ERGOHACK II

Founded by Alexander Chepurnoy and Dmitry Meskov, Ergo, a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain, is designed to be a powerful and secure decentralized platform for smart contract functionality. 

Cementing its reputation at an early stage, Ergo is a partner of renowned blockchain companies Cardano and Emurgo and a member of the Blockchain Privacy, Security & Adoption Alliance (BPSAA).

The secret sauce of Ergo’s success? Academia and peer-reviewed research coupled with a sustainable, consensus-led, and community-driven blockchain. Over the last few months, Ergo has seen an incredible increase in community growth and participation. NFT activities are bustling at while ErgoMixer and SigUSD are allowing users to utilize unique privacy features and an algorithmic stablecoin. Additionally, the highly anticipated ErgoDEX is set to launch soon and is expected to set a new standard in the DEX industry.

Moreover, the community of miners – integral to building the Ergo blockchain – is also showing massive growth, allowing them to enjoy a network hash rate of roughly 27TH/s. As a result, mining pools that support Ergo have recently doubled. Ergo’s native cryptocurrency is ERG, with a total supply of approximately 97 million.

Helping with network decentralization and increasing accessibility for potential Ergo miners, there are 12 pools supporting Ergo to this date. In addition to this, Ergo has completed 43% of its total emission. The remaining funds are set to be released at a stable rate over the next six years.


After the incredible success of its first Hackathon, Ergo is ready for  ERGOHACK II. At the heart of Ergo’s inspiration is the desire to help create a monetary system that empowers the average person – and this hackathon paves the way towards this goal.

With ERGOHACK II, all developers, and those who are passionate about DeFi, are invited to design the applications that will build a better financial future for the world.

Happening from October 8-10, 2021, all developers can apply until September 15! Do not miss the chance of feeling like a real entrepreneur or finding like-minded people to create a project team with. This event promises to help upgrade your skills and knowledge within the blockchain and DeFi world. Join Ergo now and become an Ergonaut!

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