Building Brand Identity, with Skinomatics

How do you stand out in a competitive market? With a brand persona, you can fall back on time and time again.

One thing that nobody can take away from you is your sense of identity. In the corporate world, we have legislation to protect what can and can’t be copied. However, that same world can become so flooded with competitors that it can be hard to make your products and services stand out from the crowd.

The digital marketplace is becoming just as competitive as the traditional high street was. Perhaps even more so, as firms compete for the top three spots on Google, again and again. Those top three results steal away a whopping 70% of all traffic – and we all know that traffic means clientele. If you aren’t getting them through the door, you can’t sell them anything. Now we have a marketplace in which we are all competing to be in Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

The digital world is shaping up to be just as saturated with products as our old one was. So how can we set ourselves apart and stand out from the ever-expanding corporate crowd? Let’s use Skinomatics as an example.

How to Make your Brand Stand Out

You need to start by identifying what it is that makes your brand different. We call this the USP – or Unique Selling Proposition. The USP is integral to the corporate ethos of your firm. It usually focuses on the things your firm has that sets it apart from other brands.

When we created Skinomatics, we focused on the natural aspects of the product. All our ingredients can be traced back to the source. Each one is all-natural and can be found in plant-based reagents. We ended up with a collagen-boosting, Omega enriched body oil capable of providing the same stretch mark relief as leading brands – but without all the chemical additives. 

This is just one example of how we used our brand persona to make us stand out.

Defining your Brand Persona

How does a brand go about personifying itself? It starts with the founders around a table, discussing what type of person the company would be if it were a person. Skinomatics is a pregnant woman, youthful but ageless, concerned about her growing child, and mindful that she does not want her body to be damaged by birth. She is freedom-loving, inspiring, and all-natural.

To define your brand persona, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • What age is your brand?
  • What gender is your brand?
  • Does your brand have a favorite type of person/client?
  • Would it be a morning person, a night owl, or something in between?

The more personal information you can discuss your company, the better you feel like you know it and can represent it on a corporate level. Try it for yourself today and see if a more developed sense of brand persona does not inspire your firm to stand out in a competitive market.

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